It takes $7.50 to make me happy.
That's it.

I found these at goodwill. Aren't they fun? Did I need them? Of course not. But my future home will thank me someday.

Today I made my first batch of coffee that I actually enjoyed! I don't know why, but for some reason every time I would make coffee before it tasted like I got the water out of my toilet. Mmm, it was good. I accidentally drank a whole pot at 5 P.M., and now my my fingers won't stop moving and I feel full of jitters.

...but that might be because Northern Iowa just beat Kansas..I always love a good underdog story.

Here's a random fact about me that I never thought I'd say--ever. Especially since when I was young I used to pretend that I was sleeping just so I didn't have to go pick weeds in the garden. Well, my clever little tactic never worked needless to say.
But now that I'm older and much more mature (ha, right)...
I want a garden! With loads flowers, that look pretty and make me smile.

Kind of like these rain boots!

When I first saw these, the only thing that ran through my head was the song "When God made you he must have been thinkin' about me.."

I'm ridiculous.


Angie said...

You seriously make me laugh so hard. i thought i was random...shoot...you're out of space! :) haha. Come down to KC and you and me and megan can all hang out!

Megan said...

Love the new blog look... and those canisters are sa-weet!