This is a real life scenario of what it's like to be in my family. Play it twice and listen carefully to my brother singing some mad back up vocals.

This week is awesome! I've been running outside and literally--it's like a breath of fresh air. I love seeing everyone outside. Except when really old men are running faster than me, that makes me feel like quite the loser. Whenever I used to workout with my Dad, he gave me the wise advice of always saying hello to everyone that you meet on the trail, so in the neighborhood I'm probably known as the girl that always says hi to everyone--and creeps on cute houses while she runs.
Backfire by MuteMath. You should probably listen to it somewhere with some good speaker action going on.
F.Y.I-->I'm never asking Mr. B to take a picture with me ever again.
This is why: He thinks that he's the magic man and can fool the camera.
Result? Basically pictures of myself.
I have to remind myself that I like this kid everyday.

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Megan said...

When was that video taken? Cuz it's hilarious.

And Mr. B, I mean Houdini, needs to learn how to smile! Say cheeeeese!