3 in 1.

Well hello! Greetings! Hola! <--- F.Y.I:that's the only Spanish I know.

I'm currently in a crisis. I'm going to be an elementary teacher! Yes, it has been decided/brought to my attention that I would absolutely be in love with this job. So, I'm in the process of asking God where I should go and I'm really just trying to let him direct me. Here's the problem, I have a hard time with being patient sometimes. I know in my heart that he will provide complete clarity, peace, contentment and all those good things that make the heart smile for me at some point. So God, please hurry, or else I might be lighting a match underneath your rear.

Just kidding, please don't strike my computer with lightning.

Yes, I love my computer that much.


Last Friday Mr. B took me to the movie She's Out of Your League. The movie was actually good for both the boy and girl. Funny and sappy.
Before the movie we were hungry, but not extremely hungry so we made a pit stop at McDiddys.

What a handsome boy.
Then we ventured to Kmart--don't judge me--and rode their bikes around the store aisles. I hear that if you do that at WalMart you get kicked out, so if you really want to waste an hour of your life without leaving in handcuffs, head over to your nearest Kmart and pop some wheelies!

Yesterday was beautiful. The roommate and I decided that we would go play a nasty round of tennis since it was so nice out, so I put on a shirt to match my eyes (yeah right, like I would be smart enough to even think about that) and tried to look like I was going to sweat my guts out.

Well, the nets weren't up. Therefore, this picture kind of makes sense.

I'm still kind of bummed about it. Good thing I get to drink some green beer tomorrow.

I'm kidding Mom :)

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carbien said...

Kallie, you make me laugh and laugh!
Love you -