losing it. only sorta.

(Will someone help me decide what color to paint my end tables? mmmthanks!)

Last week I started writing and the only thing that I could muster up was:

"I just feel like I'm forgetting something.."

Guess why? STORY OF MY LIFE. Mostly pertaining to my debit card.

My Dad visited on Tuesday and the only reason I knew about it was because he called me and left a voicemail that I almost didn't even listen to because voicemails are from the devil.

Which got me thinking - this year, December feels like I'm in a huge crowd holding on to Shane's belt loops so I don't lose him in the madness, and he's pulling me as fast as he can.

I can't really see what's going on - I mean, I kind of see things as they slip right by, but to really zone in on something feels like a 2 year old trying to take a picture.


Out of focus.

Covered in saliva.

(Okay maybe not the last one.)

This could be because of 2 reasons:

A) I need glasses. Preferably really cute ones like my sisters.


B) I need to be a better listener and slow the pace a little bit. Practice savoring moments instead of spending them.

I'm guessing it's B, but really hoping it's A.

on the seventh date of Christmas

My true love gave to meeeeee...a date at marble slab creamery!

See what I did there?

I got raspberry ice cream with strawberry chunks. (mmm!) 
Mr. B got birthday cake with oreo and chocolate chips. 




Christmas shopping together!

Also known as time I spilled coffee on my white shirt and wanted Shane to fix it immediately so it wouldn't stain.

"Maybe if you didn't blow bubbles in your coffee that wouldn't happen Kallie."

Yeah. Well. I'm telling.

"You do that." 

When we were in line at Caribou he asked me to ask the worker if they had Mountain Dew products. And then yelled "YEE YEE!!" when we were done. 

Then I caught Mr. B in the childrens book section and melted into a big puddle of mush.

I really like that guy.


date number five

We celebrated our 5th date at Jethro's in Des Moines.

One word: ohmygoshimstillfullofgoodnessanditsmonday

Mr. B and I ordered the same thing. Which made my jaw hit the table because I ordered first and Mr. B always orders better than me.


And then I shoved those cute plates into my huge bag  purse.



Just thought I'd share some of my happy moments so far this week:

1- I've had this jacket/blazer for 3 years now and just realized that I can button it up all the way to the top! I can go from a "Hey I'm wearing a blazer!" look to a "my neck is cold!" look. Pretty fancy.

2- My shower curtain can now add 'selfie backdrop' to it's resume.

3. These lights we hung over the bed. they'll probably stay up there forever and ever.


4. My current favorite view. We have to push our chair back to the corner to make room for the tree and all the sudden we have the perfect reading nook. Even though it's not technically a nook.

And by reading nook I mean napping nook.

5- Adding another tree chunk to our collection. Mr. B pointed out that Copper's name didn't get on this years chunk - and I told him that it was dependent on if he chewed up this years Christmas cards or not.

Let's all cross our fingers.


fourth date

tree decoratin'.


sometimes when I watch videos that I make - I immediately jump to "what would a video like this look like in 5 years?" (insert emoji where the teeth are all showing)

then I think, " Ooooo! I hope it has at least 2 kids added to the mix, taken in a home that we own, with a life that is just chalk full of adventures!"

and then I think, if God's plan is better than mine (rude. whoops, heart issue coming out there) - I cannot stinkin' wait to see what this video will look like in 5 years.


third date

Sing it with me! On the third Date of Christmas my hubby gave to meeeee - a Christmas tree from Fareeeeeeway!

You're welcome for that song being stuck in your head from now until you're 80.

This date could also be labeled as the 'Kallie should never go to an animal shelter alonedate.

With the plan in mind to go cut down a tree like we always do, I got a phone call on the way home from Mr. B.

"Hey, uh, the Christmas tree farm is closed today."

"What!" Crocodile tears people. Big juicy ones.

"Yeah, we could go tomorrow maybe? Or next weekend?"

"But - I have to work all day tomorrow and then it'll be dark and we can't run around the tree farm like we always do laughing and picking ugly trees on purpose just to get a reaction out of each other!"

"I don't know, Kallie."

After pouting for a while, I decided not to wait until next weekend, we were going to the grocery store to get a tree gosh dangit.

And we picked one out in the matter of 3 minutes! New record.

Anyway, it was probably good we left shortly after that because I started getting just a touch sad looking at all the other trees that didn't have a home.

And that is why Mr. B never lets me go to Petco by myself - I'd probably be bringing home a new puppy or cat every time.

Just kidding on the cats part.
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