all things i loved in january

I know it's February 2nd, but this list of things I loved in January needs to be written because someones life could change because of it.

Dramatic much? Nah.

Aveeno Stress Relief Moisturizing Lotion.
Oh my good lord. GOGETTHIS. I got this from a friend (hi Paige!) and always put it on right before bed. Sometimes I also apply it before I leave the house because it smells pretty and makes you feel like you've had a shower.

Emily Ley Simplified Planner. 
I can't say enough good things about this thing. Give me all the paper goods. Before this year I was a big Erin Condren fan, and still am, but this pretty little thing keeps me focused and helps me stay just a little bit organized. I got the daily edition because the hour slots help me not sit on the couch and watch Gilmore Girls reruns for 3 hours. Who wants to write that down?

Paper Crane Gray sweater (no link, sorry!)
This might be the softest sweater I've ever owned. I didn't buy it because it's grey, or because it's flowy (even though those are 2 of my favorite things). I bought it because when I tried it on, it felt like I slipped into a big 'ol pile of charmin ultra soft.

I know I've already talked about this before - but Periscope is my new bff. I watched Beth Moore's 'Boosting Our Prayer Lives in 2016' and cried my eyes out/wrote notes on the closest thing I could find, which ended up being 15 sticky notes. Jess Connolly is also so great. Her car rider line coaching series are always just what my heart needs. I know people give social media a bad rap (guilty), but because of periscope I am growing and learning more about my Savior all.the.time. Sign up!

We're having game night at small group tonight and to say that I'm excited is an understatement. I love Tuesdays.

Have a good one!


fevers, coffee and chocolate fudge muffins

It's a foggy, damp day today. Is this what it feels like to live in Seattle? Rainy in January? I better take a trip to find out.

Rhett is fighting his first virus so he's enjoying his tylenol all day while I enjoy my coffee all day.

I was going to nap while he naps because I'm kind of fighting a little somethin' somethin' too - but then remembered that there are about a million things that I need to get done.

But guess what? Working out isn't one of them because I already did that!

I think my calves are already growing. My jeans feel tight.

Or maybe it has to do with the chocolate fudge muffins I made last night that resemble chihuahua dog turds.



warm cup catch up

Warm cup catch up = me sitting across from you at my kitchen table with something warm in our hands. Preferably still in our pajamas. You didn't shower? Me neither!


Rhett found his eyebrows. Which means that you could walk into my house at any given time and hear me laughing.

He also went to daycare 3 days this week and it was not the best thing ever. But we're giving it a fair shot and I'm going to try and be positive about it until we decide if it's the right fit for our family. 

(I sound so grown up in 2016!)

I took the month off of social media in last month and HOLYCOWILOVEDIT. Seriously. I read 3 books.

1-- Make it Happen - Lara Casey (This girl knows how to light fire under your rear.)
2-- The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing - Marie Kondo (I literally only have 7 pairs of underwear in my dresser because of her. Shane also likes to yell at me in Japanese when he sees I have 2 of something.)
3-- For the Love - Jen Hatmaker (I mean. C'mon. She's the greatest.)

During the hiatus though, my girl Becky posted this picture of us and said a bunch of sappy things that I didn't even know about because I had no access to instagram.

We also showed up to small group when it was cancelled because it was changed on Facebook.

I didn't know we were invited to a new years party because the event was created on Facebook.

Let's use our phones for better things this year, yes?

Anyway, I love sappy instagram posts. And I love this girl.

We partied hard on New Years Eve by going to Applebees (ew.) for dinner and being in bed before midnight. Then my parents came for the rest of the weekend and helped us with our house.

No it's still not done.

But it's so close!

Just like this guy is so close to rolling over.

Gol, I could kiss those cheeks forever.


tree hunting as a family of 3

The first year that we lived in Grinnell I googled tree farms and found the cutest tree farm that ever lived.

They have real reindeer and give you wagons to use when your legs get tired from all the walking!

At least that's what we use them for.

The only bummer with our favorite tree farm is that they aren't open during the week, and my husband really likes hunting bambi the first weekend of every December. So - either we need to go early (which we always forget) or have to wait until the second weekend of December. 

In my Christmas loving ways, that just doesn't sit well so off we went to a new place - and accidentally cut down a tree that wasn't supposed to be cut down. 

"Um. Where did you find this? This tree is a $200 landscaping tree."


I almost pooped my pants. 

But then he gave us apple cider and popcorn and didn't charge us for the tree. 

Moral of the story: Iowa people are nice. 

Tree Hunting from Kallie Brelsford on Vimeo.


{Dear Rhett}

Lately, you are wondering how Papa is giving you food. 

You get a little sleepy when helping Mama with laundry. 

You are starting giggle trains. 

You are rolling from your stomach to your back. 

You helped pick out a tree and got so excited to meet Santa that you spit up all over yourself.

 You are making people think there is a flood coming when you wear 3 month clothes. 

 And making us want time to slow down almost daily. 

Love you sweet boy. 2 months went by way too quickly. 


why I got 4 hours of sleep. hint hint: it's not because of rhett.

Last night I was doing the normal routine of getting ready for bed. Rhett was sleeping in the bassinet, looking so darn cute, and Shane was putting tools away that we had used to do the grout earlier in the evening.

Or so I thought.

All the sudden he comes into the bedroom, speaking really loud.

"Kallie --"

"Shhhhh! Rhett is sleeping!"

"(As he grabs the gun underneath the bed) Don't freak out, but there has been a car sitting in front of our house for the last ten minutes. I'm going to go check it out."

Insert the immediate feeling of wanting to move to a different house. In a different state. With body guards.

"UM. Maybe we should call the police instead?! You're going to leave me in here with Rhett all alone?! Do you not know me?! LETS CALL THE POLICE ITS THEIR JOB THEY GET PAID TO DO THIS! "

"You're not alone, you have another gun. I'll be right back."


Long story short - the car drove off before Shane made it outside. But then I thought I heard a noise as we were laying in bed. So I jumped up, opened the curtains and saw a white truck in the driveway.


Shane: "What!"

Me: "Oh, it's just our truck in the driveway. No worries."

And then he tried telling me different scenarios on why the car was parked there:

"Oh - it was probably a couple fighting in their car."
"We have a raccoon in our shed and it was probably a teenager that saw it and wanted to get it."
"Maybe they were lost and on the phone with someone and had to stop and focus."

Sure. Maybe.

All I know is that I didn't sleep for 2 more hours and googled home security systems at 2:00 in the morning.

Happy Monday!


an ode to cardigans

I'm a new mom. Meaning I know little to none about providing helpful information to other moms in America.

I do know one thing though, and that would be that the clothing that is trendy (I say trendy very loosely) to wear right now is so great for new moms and women in general because it is so versatile.

Long lost are the days of skin tight shirts that barely touch your low rise spanx Silver jeans that you just had to have, and little short jean skirts. #praisereport

Enter: loose shirts. These babies are long in length, covering your whole bottom giving you the option to wear leggings or jeans. They have movement, distracting people from the spit up on your shoulder and are the best for nursing because you can literally fit 4 people in there.

Enter: cardigans that would fit in with the best of your Grandma's stash. They are oversized, doubling as a robe!

True life scenario with an oversized cardigan:

Shane: Hey, so and so is coming over to work on the electric, just to let you know.

Me: Ok. I should probably change, I'm wearing my new 'robe'. I look like a wreck. Haven't showered in 3 days. Thank you for not telling me I smell. Hazelnut coffee should be running for president. 

Right after I hit send, the electric guy shows up.

THANK GOODNESS FOR MY CARDIGAN/ROBE. It saved a moment that could have been incredibly awkward.

Except later when I went to my friends house - I wore said cardigan with jeans, booties and some big earrings. And her husband, who was also the guy working on our electric, was there to greet me.

I think he was confused that I was wearing my "robe" out in public.

Basically I think that men are wondering what women are wearing these days, and women are high-fiving each other telling each other we look cute.

Amen to that.
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