letter to mr. b

Mr. B,

Lately, whenever I tuck my swollen ankles into bed and grab my favorite book in all the world - you also grab a book and we read silently side by side.

This makes me feel like an old couple.

Let's keep it up.

Your sappy and emotional wife

P.S. - When can we start wearing matching shirts?


we (are trying to!) buy a house.

Mr. B bought me a planner for "you're going to be a mom day!" a couple weeks ago - and I've been using that bad boy to document and write out everything you can think of.

"Buy dog food."

"Pay day!" (Favorite!)

"Make bed." (Not my favorite.)

Do you know what planners don't do? Keep other people on the ball.

We were supposed to close on our house for the 2nd time in a week, and it's not happening again.


Being a grown up is confusing sometimes. Mostly because I'm not a grown up. And mostly because House Hunters is terrible at showing what buying a house is really like.

I remember the first time Mr. B and I toured a home and the realtor followed us everywhere. I turned to Mr. B and whispered, "Why is she following us? Isn't she supposed to wait outside while we check everything out?"

He squeezed my shoulder, pulled me in by the waist and whispered back, "Honey, this isn't House hunters television."

To which my bottom lip immediately stuck itself out and my forehead creased in 7 different areas.


So, anyway. Want to see our little farmhouse fixer? She's cute. We haven't thought of a name yet.

I asked Mr. B what we should name her and he said, "How about just house."


Hopefully we'll close by the end of the week.

But for now our cable is screwed up and all the sudden I have a million channels and I can't decide if I want to watch Teen Mom, Dance Moms, Sex in the City, or The Hunger Games.

I'll keep you posted.



Funny things have been happening around here that I feel need some documentation so when I talk about them with strangers they can't send me to the loony bin. Got my back? Let's get down to it.

Pregnancy is weird and awesome.

I thought that the first and third trimester was when the sleepiness was in its' full force.

Tell that to the girl that is now going to her car during lunch time to get a little cat nap in.

My dreams? Also weird and awesome. I somehow end up always rescuing everyone with my super power ways and then tell everyone it's all because of Jesus.

I also woke myself up a couple nights ago picking my nose - so there's that.

Mr. B has been quite the comedian lately too.

Wait - let me tell you the quickest story about Mr. B. Does everyone know Chip Gaines? He's pretty much a funny husband who always says really cute things to his super cute wife Joanna. Or should I call her JoJo?

(Hi my name is Kallie and I'm a Fixer Upper junkie!)

Mr. B is Chip Gaines. Chip Gaines is Mr. B.

The only difference is that this Chip guy is really public about his personality and picking on his cute wife in little cute ways all the time - and Mr. B is only like that one on one.

If you see little glimpses of it then consider yourself family.

And honestly I can't remember any of the funny stuff I was just going to write about Mr. B so I guess I'll just land on a picture of me at 19 weeks.

Almost halfway little babe!


special powers

Did you know that dressers have the ability to tell you what your personality is like?

It's true.

Take a look at the dresser that Mr. B and I share.

Guess what side is mine?

The right.

Almost every drawer is open, clothes spilling out. I don't fold a majority of what I put in those drawers.

I won't go into specifics.

Mr. B's side? Perfect. Everything folded. Everything!

I won't go into specifics.

So - there you have it. A post written to basically tell you that I will probably forget that you're coming over, to text you back, and that I lose my keys almost daily.


saturday morning thoughts.

I hope Mr. B never stops asking me to hang out with him in the garage while he grills dinner. 


Friday 'nanagins.

I usually don't have Friday's off - but because the good Lord loves me, April is full of free Fridays.

Fridays to do laundry and watch the today show and drink decaf coffee.

Here's what I learned today:

1) Maternity clothing does nothing for you when you're not really showing.

I'm not even going to do a side picture because it looked like a burrito was stuck in a saggy dress. A burrito and maybe a cookie.

2) I also learned that Buy Buy Baby is evil. I went in there to get a present for Skyler, finally found one after getting distracted by the 200 options of strollers, paid for his cute little baseball set, and tried to leave.

Key word: tried. I couldn't find the door. I got out my phone to pretend I was looking at something while trying to not make it look obvious that I didn't know what I was doing.

Hi my name is Kallie and I've never stepped foot in this building! I also don't know how to apply diaper rash creme correctly, but I found some nail polish to buy? 

I tried going through the entrance door because usually those open both ways. Nope.

Finally, I saw it. Hiding behind the cash register.

I'm positive there is a group of employees watching video footage of people trying to find the exit door, laughing all day long.

3) Lastly, I learned that Palmer's is still my favorite place to eat.

P.S. - I was totally kidding about doing laundry on Fridays. Usually I'm sleeping.


the one time we went shopping and actually bought something

For a year we've been thinking that we should get some better bicycles to ride since we both still ride the same ones from junior high.

There is an amazing bike store in Grinnell called Bikes To You. The employees are super talented and know pretty much everything about bikes.

I know this because I quizzed them.

"Why do they make this bike in purple?"

"Will a basket fit on the front of this bike?"

"Could I ride this bike with no handlebars?"

We ended up test driving a couple different ones - and sure enough Mr. B and I didn't agree of which kind of style we wanted.

But that's okay because they both have the same rim size, so we can go the same speed without having to try real hard!

At least that's what Ryan the smart bike guy said.

Did I mention that we were watching our friends twins that morning? Yep. 

Of course I took a picture of Mr. B walking with them. 

 Now we just need to find super cute bike helmets.

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