kitchen status part one.

If I could go back to May of this year and give myself a preview of what November would hold, I would say these things:

1- A halfway put together kitchen at the end of November will feel like a $50,000 chefs kitchen. You will feel like a queen. Get that crown ready girl!

2- Your son's first halfway giggle and biggest smile of his life happens in said 'halfway put together kitchen' and it will trigger a dance party and sob fest immediately. #idied

3- Music is still your jam - all of it. Especially Justin Bieber. 

4- Your first meal you cook in your house is grilled cheese and tomato soup from a can. You're still not any fancier with dinner than you used to be. That's okay. 

Time for pictures! 

We don't have hardware yet. I'm looking into these bad boys

We went with a solid surface countertop. They are seamless and super durable. Basically a perfect match for Shane's slight OCD.

And perfect for me due to their gorgeousness. I want to sleep on them. I ask them if they are cold and need a blanket.

It's hard to shake the Mom status once its on full throttle.


If you squint really hard you can see a white subway tile backsplash with gray grout in the photo below.

 No? Squint harder. Or come help install them.

Open wood shelving will be installed in the empty spot on the wall. I want to grow some spices and herbs to put there. Then I remembered that I kill everything thats green and alive.

When I was talking to a woman about renovating a home built in 1880, the one piece of advice she gave me was to not get caught up in having things be perfect.

"A home built that long ago has stories and has settled. Things will not be perfect. That's the beauty of it."

I hugged her, of course.

Look! I'm doing dishes! And I didn't drop my phone in the sink!

After not having running water or being able to cook for a long time - I'm loving doing dishes. I'll keep you posted if that's still the case in another month.

Anyway, we still have a ton to do - but it's getting there. 

Remember what it used to look like?

We only added 2ft extra to the kitchen and opened the wall between the kitchen and dining room - it's amazing how different it looks. 

Much more room for kitchen dancing, that's for sure. 


{Dear Rhett}

Lately, you've been doing the plank when laying on Papa's chest.

You are possibly the noisiest eater. Ever. 

You have started to smile at Mama. 

You love to look at lights and eat in the back seat of the car. 

You hate (and I mean hate) having your arms constricted when getting dressed. Swaddling? Your favorite way to sleep.

 Your red hair is the talk of the town. 

And you've shown me that control is simply a word in the dictionary these days. Grateful to be tired, happy, and your Mama. 

Happy 1 month (last Sunday!) Bubba Bear. 


life right now


Not sure why I just yelled that, but I'm excited about the possibility of snuggling in bed tomorrow morning as a family, even though that probably won't happen. Shane is kind of a go getter in the morning. I'm more of a "go getter me some coffee" in the morning.

We had Rhett's newborn pictures taken on Wednesday and it went fairly well. I bathed him at 9:00, and fed him at 9:30 hoping that he would sleep through the session. Everything was going great until he didn't want to sleep. So I felt sort of bad about that.

Mostly, I felt bad for the photographer because I had only managed to brush my teeth for a hot minute and she got to be around me in all my stinky, day 2 hair glory. I was wearing a really old pair of sweatpants and bears shirt that I inherited from my friend Becky. And you bet your bottom that deodorant was no where to be found.

I laugh about it all today though, because this is life now.

My bed side table looks like a the nursing section at Target threw up all over it. There are baby books at the bottom of our bed under the covers. Cold coffee sitting in mugs all over the house. Baby blankets covered in spit up and stained onesies making the laundry pile up in a matter of seconds.

And I wouldn't trade it for anything.


morning thoughts

Clothes are overrated when you have blowouts almost every hour. 


friday ramblings.

It's Friday and you know what that means?! Bullet point Friday!

- We officially moved into the slate house last Saturday and I've had a meltdown about it every day since. I think I was so distracted by the renovation/being pregnant/trying to maintain two houses/trying to keep up on laundry that I wasn't emotionally prepared to wake up on Sunday in a home without a kitchen. Or heat. Which actually is fine with me because, uh, I'm a 39 week pregnant hotbox.

- A huge thank you to family and friends that helped us move and settle in. I'm sorry you had to see me cry a lot that day, but I am so so grateful.

- I had a dream last night that we're having a boy. That makes 2 girl dreams and 1 boy dream. We cannot wait to find out!

- Turns out that all you need to do to feel like you live in an actual house is to put a rug down in the dining room, flowers on the table, and light a candle.

(Our little kitchen table looks so tiny in this dining room!)

- This morning the directTV guy saw me in my bright green robe. I, of course, didn't see him because I was on the phone with a very nice lady talking about if I am going to feed the baby naturally vs poison him or her with formula (just kidding all you Moms - don't get your mom jeans in a wad). Anyway, have you ever seen a green whale? The directTV guy has.

(Insert all the horror emoji icons.)

- My very very very dear friend made Mr. B and I a meal for Wednesday, and then texted me last night that she made us another meal for tonight. Guys - be that kind of friend. Also, be the kind of friend that accepts help. I'm not used to needing a ton of help, and it's been a battle for me to just release and let others do things for our family. And I've been so blessed by it this past month.

- I started reading, "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up" a couple days ago. I'm guessing that this seems crazy to some people due to the fact that our world is about to be rocked by a little babe, leaving us with no order what so ever, but I think this is a great alternative for nesting when you can't actually nest because you don't have a kitchen and there are still boxes everywhere and your current kitchen looks like this:

As you can see we still have to finish the floor trim - the stair railing has yet to be installed and that deer bench that I've been hiding from Mr. B for 4 years is actually a great little food storage area! Who knew.

- Construction is actually moving along fairly fast. This is the current view, complete with the caramel apple cider steamer that I picked up after the baby appointment yesterday.

- I washed all the baby items last night and I now have a new favorite scent: dreft. Holy yum.

- Lastly, do you guys periscope? Is that how you say that? I've been tuning in on a regular basis to watch/listen to Madison (she's a new mama and also in the midst of a renovation), and Gina (the lady who inspires me to dig into the word and do something with my life that is productive/something I love.)

Alright, my coffee is cold and I need to go try and walk this baby out. Happy Friday!


phone calls

I would never call myself a phone person. I've never loved calling up someone just to talk for 30 minutes about my sore back.

(That's definitely a thing right now. You should probably pray for Mr. B.)

Today, though? Today I called my Mom and my Sister. And I'm pretty sure I've called them more times in the past 2 months than I ever have in my entire life.

I chalk this up to:
1- I have two major life changes going on right now and all I want is guidance, wisdom, clarity, and a good laugh or a thousand.
2- I just really love them. And wish they were my neighbors.

And if you live by your family and you aren't hugging them on a daily basis? Shame on you.

Go to your room!

Don't you roll your eyes at me like that!

(I'm practicing my Mom lines).


Both phone calls left me with all the good feelings.
The big heart swells.
The ijustwanttosqueezeyousohard moment.

My Sister told me that her son had to draw a picture of his favorite place and present it to the class today. Guess where his favorite place is?

Our home. He actually called it "the farm" - which, stop it. It's the cutest.

Is that not the nicest thing? Houses are meant for hosting, guys. Don't forget.

Then! My Mom informed me that their small group wanted to come help us finish our house remodel.

They don't even know us that well. Or at all.

And that made me cry.

Moral of the story? Pick up your phone and call someone every once in a while. It might be the best part of your day.

Besides a back rub.


House/life update!

Lets see, what's new at the slate house?

Outside updates include 85% of siding installed. Still waiting for kitchen/mudroom addition and garage.
Dining room ceiling ripped out.
All electric done except for the kitchen, addition and garage.
Upstairs is painted with all trim installed for the windows.
Upstairs bathroom now has insulation and sheet rock.
New windows installed! Our living room looks like a sunroom.
And my favorite part? No holes in the hallway upstairs anymore!

 The siding is now all the way done on the porch so this photo is kind of outdated. But see the new picture window?

I have big plans for this porch. A double swing. Rocking chairs. Sweet tea in the summer. Coffee or chai tea in the fall.

Our child will probably fall off it 10 times the first year of his/her life.

Look closely - no more front door!

For once in my life I love the paint color we chose for the upstairs. It's gray, but really light gray when there is a ton of light, and then as the day goes on it changes from a lighter gray to a darker gray/taupe.

Sorry I just said gray 10 billion times.

Also, don't be jealous of the carpet. You can't have it yet.

I'll let you know when you can go dumpster diving for it.

The nursery!

Speaking of a nursery - I'm in week 33 and pregnancy is still being good to me. We have absolutely no furniture. No hospital bag packed. No car seat installed. And no diaper bag.

I think we're good to go!

Another huge thing that happened last week in our family is that our dog Copper died. It's thrown Mr. B and I on a huge emotional roller coaster. Which is ironic because we claimed that he was, "just a dog!"

But I still cry when I pull into our driveway and he doesn't greet me.
And every noise out in the garage makes us think that it's his tail hitting the side of the wall letting us know he's on the landing.
And we miss his talking. And need to be everywhere that we were.

Blah. I need a glass of wine.

Just kidding, Mom.

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