roadtrip prep

Thanksgiving is in 3 days!!!

We're going to Oklahoma and Missouri for the holiday week because we like to exhaust ourselves to the max.

I'm trying to decide if my running shoes are going to make the cut when I'm packing.

But then I think that I don't really have a choice because Mr. B will be packing the car with extras of everything.

And I hope that means extra hot tamales!

And dramamine.


sums it up!

I was browsing through our photos this morning and ran into a few that I forgot about.

Which got me thinking - I never print pictures anymore. That's kind of sad.

So I thought I'd share my favorite from the day:

It's from the trip to DC that Mr. B planned without my knowledge. The one where we wore long underwear the whole week and walked around exploring in the snow. The best Christmas present ever.

I think it's a perfect summary of our personalities.

Me being the crazy one. Mr. B being the solid, handsome, analytical, organized and really cute one.


i had the best morning

My Wednesdays are usually boring.

Typical morning:
Wake up.
Shower (maybe).
Get dressed.
Run out the door with coffee in a regular mug.
Almost spill said coffee on my lap 5 times on the commute.
Remind myself to buy more travel mugs.
Walk into work.


But today? Mmm. I got to spend my morning in Des Moines doing Des Moines things.

Like reading the newspaper by a fireplace while it was snowing outside while also eavesdropping on the people around me.

And yes, I know if you follow me on instagram that you've already seen this picture. But what you don't see in this picture is my huge smile on my face because then that'd be a selfie and I'm embarrassed to take selfies in public.

Just kidding.

Am I the only one who takes pictures of themselves to send to their husbands to get an approval on buying something? 

I'm just saying, I had a really great (different than the normal day to day) morning. 


a grateful saturday

It's saturday afternoon.

Mr. B is napping in the recliner. He has 2 blankets covering him and his hat is over his face. I'm supposed to wake him up in 15 minutes - don't let me forget.

I've been with 2 friends today that have completely blessed the pants off me.

Christmas music made her appearance this morning.

Mr. B and I cooked lunch together. Without arguing. Magic you guys, magic.

I made my bed this morning.

It's snowing outside.


That's all!



Dear Mr. B:

Thanks for capturing sweet moments between my Sister and I, without even trying. And thanks for knowing and understanding that quality time with her fills my bucket for months.



missouri bound

We're heading to St. Louis and Columbia for the long weekend!

I'm looking forward to not having to pick my towel up off the floor, exploring St. Louis, and coffee in the morning with my Mom and Sister.

What are you doing?


having a moment

Yesterday, I gave up.

I was standing in the garden looking at these gorgeous flowers while the sunset landed on them in the most beautiful way. Like a Mom holding her daughter after a first heartbreak. Almost tender. 

And I stood there, having a moment. 

Let me explain my definition of moments.  They go a little something like this:

"Kallie, the sky is blue." 

*2 months later while walking around Target looking at towels.*

"Oh my word. The sky is blue!" 

I'm sure some of you have it like me. A person can tell you something over and over and over - but then God swoops in all fancy like and says the same thing in a very calm voice, and you freak out because it feels like you've just had THE subway chocolate chip recipe given to you. 

And not in sloppy handwriting. That baby is TYPED OUT.

Such clarity. 

Well, that clarity hit me tonight. In the garden. And I gave up. 

I gave up the struggle. I gave up the tight death grip. 

I want to cling to something different. Something tangible and tasty. 

Like hope. 
And bravery. 
Something more than ordinary. 

Ya know. All those messy things. 

I also want to cling to Mr. B's leg when he gets home from work because someday there might be littles doing that and I don't want him to get out of shape in the meantime. 
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