the longest day

Last night, after we put Rhett to bed, Shane and I went outside to do our nightly routine; which looks like me watering the tomato and pepper plants, and Shane watering the radishes.

Simple. Easy. Just the way I like it.

I should probably point out that Shane has to remind me every day to water the plants.

"Kallie, did you water the tomatoes today?"

"Uh. No." 

Then I usually get all offended and upset because I'm an adult and can do adult things (besides keeping plants alive).

Maybe if I had a chore chart with stickers I'd be better at doing it on my own. Except instead of earning cheap toys the prizes could be a camper, weekend getaways, new boots and hot tamales.

I can't wait to water the tomatoes tonight!

Anyway - somehow we ended up sitting outside watching the lightening bugs for almost an hour, talking about life and how we need to be nicer to each other. We had no idea that it was the longest day of the year, but couldn't get over how the pink sky was melting into oranges and blues. Incredible.

Later, when Shane realized it was the longest day of the year, he said, "Let's celebrate that day every year by sitting outside together, just me and you." 

Of course Shaner. Of course.

Also, when can I have another one of your babies?


you never know

Right after Rhett was born, Shane came home from work and said something to me that I'll probably never forget.

"Think about it - one day you'll pick up Rhett and then never pick him up again. And you'll never know it was the last time."

Um. Thanks, babe, for making me bawl my eyes out.

When our little man was super tiny he would always sleep on our chest, then over time he stopped liking it and preferred to be on his side snuggled in close to our bellies.

But within the last week he's been falling asleep on our chests again. And last week I took a picture because I don't want to forget.

7 months old and I'm already wanting time to slow down.

Someone pass the kleenex.

And coffee.

And eye cream for dark circles/bags.



mothers day 2016

Yesterday was my first time celebrating mothers day - and I'm just going to say that I don't know what was in the air in Missouri, but I woke up tender and grateful. I had this urge all day to tell everyone I knew how much they mean to me - how thankful I am for their role in my life as I learn and grow as a Mom.

I also almost lost my marbles walking into HyVee at 6:30 Sunday morning with my Mom to grab muffins and fruit for breakfast before everyone woke up.

I just really love my Mom.

Whew! Moving on.

Highlights of the weekend were:

- Deciding to do a last minute garage sale and only making $15 total. TOTAL. I spent my 9 bucks 2 hours later at Old Navy because I lose my sunglasses every year and needed new ones.

- Rhett riding in the burley for the first time. How'd it go? Well, he slept as we went down steep hills and I wept as we went down steep hills.

- My Mom opening her present on Mothers Day. My Dad planned a vacation for our whole family to visit my Mom's hometown at the end of the summer, and we're all staying in a blue lake house with one bathroom. It's going to be fantastic.

- In a conversation about a new couple who started dating my Mom asked, "Did they find each other on Timber?" 

TINDER Mom. Tinder.

- My sister, Mom and I drinking coffee in our robes around her dining room table.

And I could go on and on. But it's my bed time and I'm hoping Shane still thinks it's mothers day and wants to give me a foot rub.


some good things

Tuesdays are from the Lord. 

I wouldn't have said that a year ago. 

I also wouldn't have ever been caught dead saying, "Yeah, Rhett slept beside me for a couple hours this morning!" or "I do a load of laundry every day because if I don't my house smells like things that come out of a baby."

Babies change you! 

I'm full of knowledge this morning that you've never heard of before. 

(that was sarcastic.)

Anyway, we moved our desk in the office to face the windows last week. I told Shane that I feel like I can write better when I can look outside and see movement and feel a part of something bigger. 

His response? "Yeah this will work out perfect. Big tractors drive by sometimes."

WELL SIGN ME UP. I love a big 'ol tractor. 

My point is this: Tuesdays are my one of my favorite things right now because I get the day to do simple things with my baby boy and around our little acreage. 

Another one of my favorite things? Snapchat. 

Don't even judge me and tell me it's a teen app. Because I know these things and I also know that the filters make me laugh for hours and getting chats from my sister and her boys make me almost pee my pants. #thanksRhett

Tuesday goals:

-Wash Shane's jeans. He called and reminded me to do this an hour after he left for work. I think he's worried I might forget. 
-Take Rhett's 5 month picture. He's almost 6 months. Sue me. 
-Workout in some form. Does going up the stairs 40 times count?
-Make Rhett laugh big belly laughs. I'm fairly funny so this should be easy. 

Have a great Tuesday! And you can follow along on instagram and snapchat #ilovetuesdays.

It's pretty fun. 



I love the first day of every month. It's like a complete blank slate. And I'm happy to have pushed February out the back door because was it the longest month for anyone else too?

I shouldn't say that it was a complete waste. February had some good fruit.

Rhett rolling over.
Having people at our house for the Super Bowl party.
Shane and I going on our first date since Rhett was born (crab rangoon pizza made my life complete).
Finalized our finances with the house.
Had family come in from out of town unexpectedly.
Started placing boundaries on our Saturday mornings to spend quality time as a family.

  (still have to  pinch myself when I see little carhartts air drying in my house)

So. Yeah. I guess February wasn't terrible.

The biggest bummer that happened last month was that my coffee maker broke and I still don't have one.

It says that it should be delivered today! YES.

If it doesn't come I might chase the mailman down and demand an answer. But that requires running. I'll keep you posted.

I've been doing Lara Casey's power sheets each month and you guessed it - I love 'em.

My goals for March include:

Spend time with Shane outside working on the house/property. Shane and I really love being outside. Like, love it. Plus our home needs some TLC. Quality time and being productive sounds like a bucket filler to me.
Invite people over for dinner. This doesn't sound like a very hard thing to do - but before you know it the month is over and no one but our family has gathered around our table. It's so important to tend to your relationships, and this is the best way we've found to do that.
Spend some good ol effort to take care of myself. It's only taken me 4 months to realize that if I'm not taking care of myself I can't take care of Rhett and Shane as well as I want to. Sign me up for sweat sessions, sleep, showers and alone time with a warm cup in my hand.
A load of laundry a day. Because I really don't enjoy spending a whole day doing laundry. Ew.  

I'm also on this huge kick off going "old school" to the point of wanting a home phone.

I know. But remember when you'd come home and see the machine flashing and your whole family would listen to the message that someone left? I laugh thinking about it. No privacy! The horror! I love it.

I just want to slow down and learn to love the process in life. Not get caught up in the busyness that everyone is selling and expecting immediate results in everything I do.

I blame my Keurig for enabling me to believe this lie. You cannot order a medium sized friendship and get the results in less than a minute.



when houses become homes

This morning I woke up and didn't know where I was, and it wasn't because I slept so hard.

No no.

When Rhett lost his paci for the 4th time last night I figured that it was easier to stretch myself over the edge of the bed than to get up every time he needed it, so I put my pillow at the opposite side of the bed and slept that way and groggily woke up not knowing where I was.

And Shane woke up to my feet in his face.

These are the days!

Anyway. It's sunny and I need to document our progress on the casa.

Let's start with the outside! 

Updates out here include: new siding with insulation (thank the LORD), new windows, taking out one of the driveways, grading the yard, removing some bushes and a tree, and spraying snake repellent all over the yard.

Just kidding. But we are snake haters and do not trust anyone who likes them. May God help your soul.

Our spring and summer plans are to plant some grass, paint the cement on the bottom of the house, re-stain the porch floor, install a screen door for the porch (my absolute favorite thing in the world), do some landscaping, and a million other things. A MILLION.

Oh! And a couple wooden rockers for the porch. Can't forget that.

Onto the inside!

The above picture is what the door opening used to be from the kitchen to the dining room. Small. Tiny.

Looking at that picture I remember that there was a time when Shane had to hold/hoist me as we walked up those stairs because I was healing from a c-section. He would put one arm around my waist and with his other arm he would steady my hand. We walked so slow. One step at a time, pausing after each one. The goal was to get to the landing at the top. Together.

Thats what life still looks like for us, figuratively speaking.

It's slow. It's us trying to be steady and moving forward. Working together to make this place feel like ours (but not ours, hey God!) and trying to figure out what our new normal is (oh hey no sleep and new baby!). Some days it goes smoothly, and some days it's feels like the time when he moved too fast and squeezed too hard around my incision: painful.

But the goal is still the same - to get there together. And I'm so glad I've got Shane with one arm around my waist and the other on my arm.

Man, hope you plugged your nose on that one because we just went DEEP.

*tap tap* is this thing still on? 

Moving into the kitchen. Aka the place where I bake the cookies.

Let me assure you that I love it and that 99% of the time there are dirty dishes on the counters/in the sink/on the stove and crap on the floor.

I think we'll eventually add an island, but the fact that our sink works and we can cook in here is good enough for us.

Another view from the living room.

Don't be jealous of our current situation for holding the dvd/satellite box. I'm guessing we'll need to take care of that situation before Rhett starts moving and before I go crazy from the exposed wires.

I was reading a post on doing a renovation from another blogger and she said, "Don't forget how far you've come."

It's so easy to forget what you started with and focus on where things are currently at. Zooming out 30,000 feet puts things in perspective every time.

Houses don't become homes in one day.

They become homes one day at a time.

Now if you'll excuse me I have to go take care of the pile of dishes that are currently sitting in my sink. Just kidding. I'm going to go snuggle with Rhett.


all things i loved in january

I know it's February 2nd, but this list of things I loved in January needs to be written because someones life could change because of it.

Dramatic much? Nah.

Aveeno Stress Relief Moisturizing Lotion.
Oh my good lord. GOGETTHIS. I got this from a friend (hi Paige!) and always put it on right before bed. Sometimes I also apply it before I leave the house because it smells pretty and makes you feel like you've had a shower.

Emily Ley Simplified Planner. 
I can't say enough good things about this thing. Give me all the paper goods. Before this year I was a big Erin Condren fan, and still am, but this pretty little thing keeps me focused and helps me stay just a little bit organized. I got the daily edition because the hour slots help me not sit on the couch and watch Gilmore Girls reruns for 3 hours. Who wants to write that down?

Paper Crane Gray sweater (no link, sorry!)
This might be the softest sweater I've ever owned. I didn't buy it because it's grey, or because it's flowy (even though those are 2 of my favorite things). I bought it because when I tried it on, it felt like I slipped into a big 'ol pile of charmin ultra soft.

I know I've already talked about this before - but Periscope is my new bff. I watched Beth Moore's 'Boosting Our Prayer Lives in 2016' and cried my eyes out/wrote notes on the closest thing I could find, which ended up being 15 sticky notes. Jess Connolly is also so great. Her car rider line coaching series are always just what my heart needs. I know people give social media a bad rap (guilty), but because of periscope I am growing and learning more about my Savior all.the.time. Sign up!

We're having game night at small group tonight and to say that I'm excited is an understatement. I love Tuesdays.

Have a good one!

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