once upon a 4th

What? It's July 23rd and I'm just now talking about our 4th of July festivities?  

Whoop whoop!  

I love the 4th of July because it's basically a big party where you eat lots of desserts, light things on fire and wear bandanas. And every year the Brelsford family gets together in Perry to watch the town parade, then we go out to my favorite place in all of Iowa - Eldon and Elaine's farm. 

Speaking of Eldon and Elaine, here they are meeting Skyler for the first time! 

Here's Chuck! I love him so much. He got an iphone and was showing it off to Mr. B. He also makes me laugh all the time.

This is Mr. B showing Chuck that he can open his camera from the main screen. His mind was blown.
Did I tell you I love him? 

"I just can't believe you can open your camera like that!"

I always like to take pictures of Mr. B and Derrick. Plaid shirts. Hats. Leathermans on their belts. The same hands in their pockets. The way they use "crapper" as a nickname for Skyler. 

Sometimes I wonder what their Papa would think if he saw his sons as grown men. Would he see himself in them? Would he realize how much he shaped their lives? Would he be proud of who they turned out to be? 

Being in Perry makes me think those things - because this is the place where Mr. B has the best memories and stories. And almost every single one of them ends with someone gettin' a whoopin'. 

Look! It's Chucks truck! 

Say that 5 times fast. 

Everyone in the family literally went crazy when it drove by. It's like the truck was Luke Bryan on the red carpet and we were the paparazzi. I think I knocked over a child to get that picture...? 

Like I said, every year after the parade we go out to the farm.

And eat. 
And eat. 
And play nertz. 
And eat. 

Then we all lay underneath the big trees. 

And play softball till someone gets hurt or until someone needs a break.

Then Mr. B and I take our annual tree picture. 

And we leave full and happy. 


choose joy

(this photo makes me smile because it was 11:30 at night and we had a spontaneous pancake party at my friend Suz's. and we're laughing - of course.)

Just a few thoughts before I run out the door and spill coffee all over my scrubs.

(I do this all the time. I blame it on my coffee mugs.)

Anyway - have a great day today, ok?

It's going to be hot (at least in the great state of Iowa).

It's Monday.

You're going to scroll through your tweets and they'll all say "ughhh, gross. #monday."

But let's start the week off good!

Choose joy.

And coffee. Always choose that too.


Oh hey. It's Tuesday.

Oh, you need a little pick me up picture today too?

This was my favorite picture taken in June. I like the lawn chair to the left because it means there were lots of people at my house. I like Mr. B's old plaid shirt that has stains on it. I like that little baby smirk surrounded by chubby cheeks. I like how Mr. B loves on babies when he thinks no one is watching.

I just like everything.

Where did June go?! I was supposed to make my bed at least 3 times a week during the month of June. And then I blink and June is off like a prom dress.

Hi Dad!

Our dryer isn't working - which is only okay for 2 more days. Because in 2 days I'll have to go to the laundromat, and remember how that was for me last time?

Speaking of household chores - Mr. B is cleaning the kitchen right now. Not having to clean the kitchen is one of my love languages. When he brought me a drink and told me to take it easy tonight? Let's just say that it's Tuesday - I'm in love. He's also still wearing his baseball pants. Double whammy.

Wait - he just got the shop vac out to vacuum the toaster. Danny Tanner everyone!

The point of this post is that there isn't one. I just wanted to say hey - it's Tuesday. Which deserves a foot rub and a clean kitchen.


Give It A Name

Here's the thing: I've been up since 7:30. Been on the phone since around 9, and drank 3 cups of coffee throughout those conversations.

I don't even know what day it is.

Here's what I do know: I like naming things. And why only give names to cars?

And I hesitate to even share this next part, but I know we're all good friends here, right?
Like, I'm writing this in my robe and have the craziest hair. But this is a safe place so here it is:

I think I'm going to start naming my coffee cups.

Example: if I were to add these hot little things to my collection, they would have to have a good name.

It has to be fun.
It has to be tangy - spicy - adventurous.
This name would wear an orange dress with big gold hoop earrings and curly hair that was messy, but not messy. She's out on the dance floor. Shakin' her thang. But not too much. She's got good morals.

Rita! I'd name her Rita.

Here's the best part: when I drink my coffee in the morning - I can say, "Oh, ya know, just me and Rita hanging out this morning!" Then I'd flip my hair and smile.

Which makes it seem like I live in town with neighbors!

Which makes Mr. B shake his head and say, "You're cute."

Which makes me say, "Rita told me that this morning too!"


just 'cuz

Mr. B and I went on a date last weekend.

A lot of times when I say that I get a raised eyebrow and then a comment like this:

"Don't you two go out alone all the time?"

Well yes! We do. And no - we don't.

Most the time I'm wearing zero makeup, Mr. B is in his work jeans with an inch of dirt in his finger nails, and I might have sweatpants or athletic shorts on. Did I mention it's usually to Hardees?
Whew, it's gettin' hot in here!

This doesn't count in my book of marriage rules.

It wasn't until we were in the car on the way to the movie that I realized we hadn't had a real date in a while. I mean, I had on a skirt and he told me how pretty I was 5 times before we pulled into the parking lot.

He claims it was the skirt. I know it's the boots.

And what I'm really gettin' at here is - just go out with your boots on. You'll have fun and feel pretty.


the best man.

Mr. B's best friend is getting married this weekend!

I'm not excited at all! And by not excited I mean that there's a countdown in our kitchen and I remind my husband every day when the alarm clock goes off.

We've been going through ideas for the best mans speech and Mr. B can't tell a single one of 'em without a huge grin plastered on that ornery face of his.

Most of the stories involve someone getting hurt and Mama Carrie maybe secretly wanting to chase Mr. B down with a shot gun.

Small town Iowa, you never get old!

And really, how can you be mad at these little baby faces?

I mean, you know you have a best friend whenever you light them on fire and they still call the next day to ask you to help fix a tractor. 

When Mr. B told me that Logan asked him to be his best man - I cried.

And I already have Kleenex packed for the speech. 

And waterproof mascara. 

I love celebrating friends! 

Needless to say, we're ready to party. 

But first I need to decide what I'm going to wear. And pack more than just kleenex and waterproof mascara. 


Porch Dreamin'

A couple nights ago I got asked on a porch date.

Oh - you don't know what a porch date is? Let me fill you in!

A porch date is when you and your extremely hot husband go outside and sit on the porch. And there are rules for this date:

1- You dream talk the whole time. What your kids will look like in overalls, what projects you want to work on together, how you'd build a house with big windows that face the east so you can wake up to the sun.

That kind of stuff.

2- You are kind the whole time. This is not the time for sarcastic comments and negativity when your extremely hot husband says something you disagree with.

That kind of stuff.

3- One must bring iced tea to the party.
4- One must not try and eat the others foot when giving a foot rub.

Looks like we need to work on rule #4.
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