Cohen and the Cat

This is Cohen and the cat.

This is Cohen touching the cat.

This is Cohen telling the cat that he's going to sit on him. 

And being the good Aunt that I am..I totally let him. :) 


glimpse of spring!

Hi guys! Well -I really should be saying, hi grandma!
This past Monday we got a hint of spring weather - and my heart was so stinkin' happy!

Things I love about this picture:
1- the lack of snow
2- the pink melting in the skyline
3- my outfit, which consisted of Mr. B's sweatpants, a tank top, and his work boots. 


loving and hiking

I'll let you all in on a little secret; I'm extremely nostalgic. Anything that takes me back in time to the early days of marriage is like warm apple pie for my soul. 
On our actual anniversary Shane sent me text messages all day like, "Remember when you cooked me my first breakfast?" "Remember when you spilled oil all over the floor and fell 2 times while you were cleaning it up?" "Remember when we used to sit in the living room of our old house and could feel cold air?"
Shane is my guy. My person in life. He's intense, but warm. Driven, but loving.  He comes up with songs to make me laugh when I'm sad, and jumps on the bed with me before bed. He's exactly what I need every single day.

Enough sap though, let's talk about this hike!
There are 2 things you need to know about Ledges State Park:
1- Go in October.
2- Go with someone that has the same length legs as you. Or else you run the whole time.

Shane's idea of fun is not staying on the trails, but making our own. I tried to tell him that snakes do that too in hopes to scare him from making me climb steep hills, but it really ended up biting me in the rear because every 5 minutes he yelled, "SNAKE!"

And then I would scream. It was so fun. 


This is Shane taking a picture of me after I almost died going up a slope that didn't have a trail. I told him I needed a back rub and to rest. He told me to get going. Then I mooed at him. 

Then we said an awkward hello to all the foreign exchange students that suddenly came out of nowhere. 

But really - such a great day. The best kind of day to celebrate. 


the time we almost caved.

Sometimes you hear stories about people that just couldn't resist buying something for a child.

I used to hear those stories and nod in agreement - but then really be thinking "Yeah..no..."

For Cohens birthday this year - Shane and I (in typical behavior) didn't buy him a present before the party. So we did what we do best and told him we would take him to pick out his own present from the store!

So we loaded up in the truck and headed into town. This was shortly after I hugged my Mom goodbye and started crying. By the way, when does that stop? The crying thing. Never? Awesome.

Halfway to the store, Mr. B turns to Cohen and asks him if he's tired.

He says no.

Then I take this picture.

 And you know me, I couldn't resist another one!

We woke him up when we got to the store - and off we were to go pick out a present!

I've never seen a kid evaluate and analyze what they want to bring home. But when he finally did pick out a grain cart - he decided that it wouldn't be complete without the tractor.

So we told him to pick one.

And he said he needed both.

And I melted. Every.single.time. Especially because he picked the red ones.

Shane, let's just get him both! It's his birthday! The sun is shining! He can't pull a red grain cart with a green tractor! I'll sell the dog! How about we don't buy toothpaste next month?

But in true Mr. B form - he held his ground and came up with a better idea of a small tractor and cart. And instead of spending 80 bucks on a birthday present, it was a healthy number.

Then I pictured Dave Ramsey giving me a hug. In a total non weird way.

Just kidding - any hug from Dave Ramsey would be sort of weird.

And then I took a picture of homeboy helping Cohen into the truck because I thought it was the cutest thing ever.

And on a total unrelated (and kind of related) note - I really love my family.


Year 2 Moments!

2 years! Woof.

Remember last year? That year was hard.

Year 2? Still hard - but so good! So good in fact, I thought we could take a little trip through this past year.

After our little trip to Omaha last year for our 1 year celebration - we celebrated Thanksgiving with Mr. B's family, and shortly after started our Brelsford tradition of cutting down our very first tree together.

In December, the first snow of the season hit when I was home alone, and then we traveled to Columbia to celebrate the holidays with my whole family. On Christmas Eve, we were snuggled up in the laundry room and I was almost asleep when Mr. B whispered, "This is the happiest I've ever been in my entire life."

In January, I was surprised with a trip to Washington D.C.! We walked everywhere, ate a lot of unhealthy food, realized the metro for everyday transportation would require dramamine, and found ourselves in the middle of the Lincoln Memorial reflecting pool writing our name on the frozen ground.

In March, Mr. B said he would play with our nieces and nephews everyday if he could.

In June, we had the annual camping trip at our house at again and realized that we like it better when our house is full rather than empty.

In July, we did a lot of biking and traveled to my parents house.

In August, we said goodbye to Gretchen and had a blast at the state fair.

In September, we celebrated birthdays and the cooler weather.

And now it's October, and we're still celebrating the smallest of wins, continuing to extend grace to each other, and trying so hard to do the dishes right after dinner.

Here's the year 3!

And year 4.

And after that I probably won't ever blog again.

Just kidding!


the weekend

My parents came to Iowa last weekend.

It was relaxing!
It was fun!
It was not full of early nights to bed.

There's something about family that takes all the pressure off. No need to impress, no need to have it all together, just time to be real. Have real conversation, be challenged in real ways, eat breakfast in your underwear.

Just to name a few.

We all slept in late on Saturday morning and it.felt.good. I'm thinking it had something to do with the late chats the night before, and the cool breeze coming through the open windows that made all of us wanting to stay under the sheets a little longer. Then Mr. B made breakfast!

I love it when he makes breakfast.
Then we went for a hike with our dogs at the park nearby!

That's what you do when you don't have kids for your parents to play with. You treat your dogs like children.

"Copper, don't eat that!"
"Copper, do you want a spankin'?"
"Copper, do you have to go potty?"

Then we got fountain sodas at a little 50's station in town, had a 3 hour lunch on the patio, made ice cream sandwiches, played pitch with a few friends until 1:30 a.m., woke up for church Sunday morning, went out to eat, and played marbles that afternoon after a 2 hour nap.

I'm still tired.

What day is it?



I don't even know where to begin!
Do you remember what I look like?
Here's a picture.

I was reading my normal list of blogs the other day, and saw the title of my blog in someones feed and it said the last time I blogged was 4 months ago.

4 months!

This whole time I haven't been writing because I felt like I had nothing to say.
Ah, life isn't that exciting - I'll just not document it. 

And really, I've carried that attitude into my daily life. When my friends or people around me ask how I am or what I've been up to I just smile and say, "I'm boring, there's never a whole lot going on."

Isn't that ridiculous? I should be celebrating the ordinary in my life! Goodness, next time someone asks me how I am - I'm going to tell them that I just had the best bowl of cereal IN MY LIFE that morning!

Isn't that how life should be?

So anyway, lets talk about the picture up there of Shaner and myself. One night, we were waiting for our friends to come over and I was real excited because I had just made a fresh batch of cookies and the whole house was just engulfed with that warm, gooey, smooth cookie smell. And it was just beautiful outside. Ya know, the kind of weather that literally pulls you off the couch. So - I went outside to sit with Shane in the garage and he leans over the hood of the car and asks, " hey you, can I take you for a ride on the 4- wheeler?"

It was kind of worded like a first date question that makes your cheeks pink - but without the awkward sweaty hand holding.

I tell him that I'll only go if he goes slow.
And he tells me he'll only drive in 3rd gear the whole time.
And halfway through the ride I learned that hats fly off real easy, and that he had been driving in 5th gear for the majority of the time.

So, all that to say - I'M BACK!


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