what I loved in July

At the end of every month I always have this moment of "Holy buckets. How is the month gone?"

And then I swear that the next month will hold more moments of taking it in. 'It' being the ordinary. The sound of the keurig spitting out the coffee when the sun is still trying to decide if it wants to wake up. The feeling of Rhett's hands on my legs as he's learning how to balance while I clean the kitchen table off. The smell of fresh cut grass and late night bonfires with my husband.

All that jazz.

Here's what I loved in July:

My first month of my new job. 

Cooking! ( I know - I have to read that twice too.) And more specifically, reading cookbooks. I just finished Jamie Deen's Good Food and started on Jenny's Dinner:A love Story, a couple days ago.

Capri Blue candle in Volcano. That yummy scent that attacks you when you walk into Anthropologie? It's this bad boy. I burn it when I write - and it makes my house smell incredible.

Your Favorite Coffeehouse playlist on Spotify. It's a combination of soothing and 'go do something! like fold the laundry!' 

This video of Shane reading to Rhett. Rhett's smile, how Shane really gets into the story, just all of it.

Revelation Wellness podcast. Go to your podcast app - subscribe to revelation wellness - crank it up. Not only does Alisa get your body moving, but your heart gets a work out too.

Here's that I'm anticipating in August:

Going on vacation with my family.
Shauna Niequist's new book releases August 9th!
The Iowa State Fair.
Hanging string lights on our porch.


country life stories.

I've officially become an old lady who stares at cars as they slowly pass our house to see who is driving them.

I heard once upon a time that the best thing you can do when walking/running alone and coming up to stranger is to look them in the face to let them know that you mean business. None of this looking at the ground or to the side stuff. Right in the eyes. Sometimes I flex my muscles just for good measure. And to really outdo yourself you could wear your junior high track ribbon that reads "1st place runner". They don't need to know that everyone got a ribbon.

I digress, back to the car situation.

I can stare at cars and wonder who is in them because I live in the middle of nowhere and it's seen as socially acceptable.

Just the other day my neighbor came over because he saw that our garage door was open. This is a universal sign that we're home, come on over!

"I saw your garage door open and thought I'd stop by!"

Great! Welcome. I haven't brushed my teeth yet and am still in my pajamas.

After a bit of small talk, a car drove by and I asked him, "Do you know who that is?"

"Yes, that's the neighbors brother who comes by occasionally."

"Perfect! Glad I don't have to sleep with a knife tonight."

And then he left.

And then I decided that I should probably put on real clothes before opening my garage door.


butter cake and pink skies

Sunday afternoon, Shane got a text from his Grampie asking if we would want to come over for homemade ice cream at 6:00.

"Tell him we'll be there at 5:45!!" I was a tad excited. And slightly bossy it seems. No need to risk being late!

On top of homemade ice cream, Grammie had also baked a butter cake and sliced up peaches to pour over top of them.

Needless to say, it's Tuesday and I'm still wearing stretchy pants.

When we got home we spent the last few minutes of daylight walking around the yard, enjoying the pink sky and cooler temps.

Had to burn off that butter cake somehow!

Sign me up for Sunday nights that make your heart and belly smile.


grateful fridays

This week I've been thankful for friends who loan you tractors when yours is in the shop. 

For libraries and monthly book goals. 

For new milestones (hi wave!) and county fairs.

And for an hour at the pool when it's 100+ degrees outside. 

Rhett ins't so sure about the water yet - but we're hoping he starts to love sunscreen and splashing soon. 

'Gratitude turns everything into enough.'

Happy Friday, friends! 


new season!

I can't believe it's Thursday! I have a hard time keeping track of the days with my new schedule.

New schedule meaning that I have a new job.

New job meaning that I stay at home with Rhett now.

Give me all the heart eyes! All the praise hands! All the wisdom.

It's not even been a month, so I'm not fully sure of what staying at home looks like for us, but here are a couple hypothetical options.

Overachieving stay at home mom: This entails waking up before Rhett wakes up. Getting my workout in and shower and putting on makeup. I start a load of laundry and pour a cup of coffee and sit down and do my devotions while my hair dries. Then I start cooking bacon and eggs for Shane! And make his lunch for him! And put real pants on! I text 5 people to get a playdate on the calendar and start making dinner at lunchtime.

Underachieving stay at home Mom: Shane kisses me on the forehead (you know - morning breath) as he leaves for work at 8:00 and Rhett is laying next to me in bed. I stay there until he wakes up at 9:45. My favorite morning show is on (KLG and Hoda) and Rhett and I snuggle until 11:00 with no plan of doing anything the rest of the day. I'm still in my robe. Why does Shane need clean jeans!

Honestly, neither of those are really my cup of tea. But you know what is?

Playing music throughout the day instead of having the TV on.
Not having a tight schedule and having low expectations.
Lots of grace.
Drinking coffee in the afternoon and writing instead of taking a nap when Rhett naps.
Meal planning and cooking.

I know, that last one surprised me too.

Someone at playgroup told me that it will take a year to know if staying at home is right for me - and I was so grateful that she shared that with me because I legitimately thought I'd have it figured out in a couple weeks.


So - any new recipes, tips or encouragement you want to send my way would be fantastic.

I'm excited for this new season - mostly because I have a feeling that a lot of learning and growth will be involved. Let's do it!


{grateful fridays}

This week I've been thankful for morning story time. 

For lemon bread and coffee during thunderstorms. 

For temperatures in the 60's that require blankets and long sleeves for walks. 

For Shane's desire to teach Rhett the difference between weeds and grass.

And for outdoor concerts with friends. 

"Gratitude turns everything into enough."

Have a great weekend!  


afternoon thoughts.

My biggest dilemma yesterday was not being able to find my hair tie and contemplating wearing clips to the grocery store. I sent a snapchat to my sister to see if she approved and her response was "How about you wear your hair down and then while you're at the store, buy more hair ties!"

My biggest dilemma today?
Rhett's super long arms grabbing my coffee cup, spilling it all over him and the couch. And while I cleaned that up I heard water gushing in the bathroom and found him pulling down on the toilet handle and water was running everywhere. And just now I opened the pantry and spaghetti noodles went flying.

So, instead of cleaning up the mess, I'm googling blueberry patches so I can be out of the house tomorrow.

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