bellies and food.

Tonight my Mom told me I was ugly.

Why do you say such things like this to me Mama?

But then she stuffed my belly with Mexican goodness. So I forgave her and she rolled me home on the tire that is now on my waist.

I would call it a muffin top, but I'm afraid that I would eat it.

Did you know that an average muffin has 500 calories in it?

Did you know when I was younger I would suck my belly in as far as I could and stick my fingers under my ribcage?

I auditioned to be a runway model.

They said, " Sorry, you can't stick your hands underneath your ribs far enough. Now, run along."

So I ran to Iowa and went on a date with Mr.B. I missed him.

P.S- My mom didn't call me ugly.

P.S.S- She told me to write that.

Wait, what does P.S even mean? Anybody?


Kiri said...

post script :) haha just sayin'


Megan said...

I thought it meant "private stuff"? I don't know...

I'm glad you're back, I thought maybe you had fallen off the face of the planet. The blogging planet, that is.

Anonymous said...

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Kallie said...

Hey anonymous!

I'd email you to answer questions, but I'm not sure I can track what that might be, so if you want to give me your email I can surely help you out!

Take care!

Anonymous said...

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