And, go!

I've always sort of been a runner.

I say sort of because the only running that I enjoyed doing was short distances.

But now, I have a goal.

And it's a scary one. I've been thinking about it for a couple weeks, had a few nightmares and been waking up in a pool of sweat lately.  Oh yes, it's that good.

I am only going to run long distances, but enjoy running.

I'll try and keep track of how well (or terrible) I'm doing and post it randomly.

But the running starts today.

Right now!

Well, after I get off at 5. I'm excited! Who wants to run with me?


Megan said...


Melinda said...

If by long distance you mean a 5k, how about we run the Jace Race in June when I come back from Texas?

Carrie LeighAnna said...

A friend of mine is putting together a benefit this fall for our pastor's infant son who has severe heart problem. She's doing a run-a-thon- an ENTIRE marathon... and I don't run. So I need to start training yesterday if I want to complete it in the fall. So... I'm in?

Kallie said...

Yes! This is so encouraging!

Melinda- the Jace Race it is! And isn't there one in Pella too? Like the Klompenjkansdfi Classic?

Melinda said...

Probably! I guess this means I should get started.... :)