happy 1 month!

Yesterday was exactly one month of cookie cutter perfect marriage.


I've actually put together a list of what I like to call 'marriage surprises' that I've found in the past month.


I'm way more sensitive than I thought I was. Surprise!

When I do the laundry, dishes, scrub the floor, paint the walls, and decorate, words of affirmation mean a lot to me.

"Hey, look how clean the floor is!" As I pull out the Vanna White maneuver. Which I'm good at by the way.

"Oh, yeah looks great." As he is looking at a farm magazine .......surprise!

I hate doing dishes. But that's not really a surprise.

Screaming because a mouse just ran across the floor isn't a reason to scream. Since when!?

60 degrees is a perfect temperature for your house. Surprise! And brrrr.

Let's just say that this past month has definitely not been perfect, a huge learning experience and major adjustment.

But worth it, so worth it.


Becca G said...

Ahhh...the beauty of marriage! :) Look at it as a gift that God wants to see 2 sinful and selfish people learning to become one and live together putting each others needs first. As frustrating as it is..it's a beautiful sacrifice <3

Hang in there

Jody said...

You are amazing and will work thru these changes and as you say - it is so worth it! If you are up for reading I would recommend 3 books - "The five love languages", "Love and Respect" and "Sacred Marriage" We have actually just recently read these 3 books (actually are just over halfway thru #3) and have found them helpful as well as they explain a lot of things we have already worked thru but could not put into words. Be blessed!

Megan said...

Love that, Becca!

Nice bling bling! And a mouse running across the floor *IS* reason to scream... I can let Shane know this weekend, if you want.

Kiri said...

Cute post. It was definitely living together that surprised me the most...after that (horrendous) adjustment, the marriage part was a piece of cake ;)

Andrea said...

Oh I love this! Granted i'm not married and haven't had the surprises yet, so i don't have much advice for you..but i'm excited to learn through you! SO keep me posted woman! Plus...you make worlds best wife sandwhiches! I know because I had one! Shoot...i'd had you the award hands down! Just tell that to shane whenever another surpise comes up!