what I loved in July

At the end of every month I always have this moment of "Holy buckets. How is the month gone?"

And then I swear that the next month will hold more moments of taking it in. 'It' being the ordinary. The sound of the keurig spitting out the coffee when the sun is still trying to decide if it wants to wake up. The feeling of Rhett's hands on my legs as he's learning how to balance while I clean the kitchen table off. The smell of fresh cut grass and late night bonfires with my husband.

All that jazz.

Here's what I loved in July:

My first month of my new job. 

Cooking! ( I know - I have to read that twice too.) And more specifically, reading cookbooks. I just finished Jamie Deen's Good Food and started on Jenny's Dinner:A love Story, a couple days ago.

Capri Blue candle in Volcano. That yummy scent that attacks you when you walk into Anthropologie? It's this bad boy. I burn it when I write - and it makes my house smell incredible.

Your Favorite Coffeehouse playlist on Spotify. It's a combination of soothing and 'go do something! like fold the laundry!' 

This video of Shane reading to Rhett. Rhett's smile, how Shane really gets into the story, just all of it.

Revelation Wellness podcast. Go to your podcast app - subscribe to revelation wellness - crank it up. Not only does Alisa get your body moving, but your heart gets a work out too.

Here's that I'm anticipating in August:

Going on vacation with my family.
Shauna Niequist's new book releases August 9th!
The Iowa State Fair.
Hanging string lights on our porch.

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Ashley Stewart said...

I just love you and I really wish we lived closer!