just popping in.

Oh man. It's been too long. I had to dust the cobwebs off my computer and do some finger stretches before I could even write on here.

A lot has happened in our home since July. Some stuff really positive and great - the other stuff heart breaking. For the longest time I felt like everything I wanted to write about seemed petty and unimportant.


But alas, here I am wanting to tell you that I've started hanging our clothes out to dry on a fairly ghetto clothesline that I put together on my front porch. I love it so much, and then someone drives by and I get all nervous that they can see my underwear. Rookie clothesline status.

My baby boy turns one (!!)  on Saturday and I'm still in disbelief that it's happening. And then he tries to climb out of his high chair and I'm reminded that the days of him just sitting and staring at me are long gone.

Who's ready for another baby?!

Not kidding.

I've been looking through videos and pictures of him from this past year and I'm telling you - I love that boy more than anyone has ever loved a baby.

The video of the nurse giving him his first sponge bath? I'm in the background crying because he was crying.

The video of him rolling over for the first time? I'm in the background crying because I was so proud.

The video of him crawling? You get the picture. I'm such a sucker for milestones.

And here is the first (of so many, thanks Shaner.) picture of Rhett and I sleeping together. Also pictured is my famous green robe that the construction workers saw every day. 

I can only imagine their conversations on the way to our house.

"You think we'll see Kallie in her green robe again today? I don't know why she wears a robe - she doesn't shower and the color really doesn't do much for her."

To which I would have responded, "Um. I brought home a baby to a house that has no kitchen floor. Get to work."

I'm kind of sassy in fake conversations.

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Megan said...

You're baaaaack! Love that first sleeping picture of you two!!