new season!

I can't believe it's Thursday! I have a hard time keeping track of the days with my new schedule.

New schedule meaning that I have a new job.

New job meaning that I stay at home with Rhett now.

Give me all the heart eyes! All the praise hands! All the wisdom.

It's not even been a month, so I'm not fully sure of what staying at home looks like for us, but here are a couple hypothetical options.

Overachieving stay at home mom: This entails waking up before Rhett wakes up. Getting my workout in and shower and putting on makeup. I start a load of laundry and pour a cup of coffee and sit down and do my devotions while my hair dries. Then I start cooking bacon and eggs for Shane! And make his lunch for him! And put real pants on! I text 5 people to get a playdate on the calendar and start making dinner at lunchtime.

Underachieving stay at home Mom: Shane kisses me on the forehead (you know - morning breath) as he leaves for work at 8:00 and Rhett is laying next to me in bed. I stay there until he wakes up at 9:45. My favorite morning show is on (KLG and Hoda) and Rhett and I snuggle until 11:00 with no plan of doing anything the rest of the day. I'm still in my robe. Why does Shane need clean jeans!

Honestly, neither of those are really my cup of tea. But you know what is?

Playing music throughout the day instead of having the TV on.
Not having a tight schedule and having low expectations.
Lots of grace.
Drinking coffee in the afternoon and writing instead of taking a nap when Rhett naps.
Meal planning and cooking.

I know, that last one surprised me too.

Someone at playgroup told me that it will take a year to know if staying at home is right for me - and I was so grateful that she shared that with me because I legitimately thought I'd have it figured out in a couple weeks.


So - any new recipes, tips or encouragement you want to send my way would be fantastic.

I'm excited for this new season - mostly because I have a feeling that a lot of learning and growth will be involved. Let's do it!


Kiri said...

Hi, old blog friend :) haha just thought about you and wanted to see how you were doing. Congratulations on your sweet babe and adorable house :) looks like things are going great for you!

Wendy Willingham said...

Hi Kallie, I am a friend of your moms. :) I just want you to know to NOT have a plan or try to perfect the stay at home job. You are already doing it right! Being grateful for the small things, soaking in every single minute with that sweet little man of yours, and blogging more :) I was so excited to see you have blogged this month multiple times and I don't have to wait a WHOLE month to laugh and be reminded to be grateful in all things, and simplify my life. So thank you, congrats, and keep on writing!!! :)