you never know

Right after Rhett was born, Shane came home from work and said something to me that I'll probably never forget.

"Think about it - one day you'll pick up Rhett and then never pick him up again. And you'll never know it was the last time."

Um. Thanks, babe, for making me bawl my eyes out.

When our little man was super tiny he would always sleep on our chest, then over time he stopped liking it and preferred to be on his side snuggled in close to our bellies.

But within the last week he's been falling asleep on our chests again. And last week I took a picture because I don't want to forget.

7 months old and I'm already wanting time to slow down.

Someone pass the kleenex.

And coffee.

And eye cream for dark circles/bags.


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Ashley Stewart said...

Well thanks for making me cry. I'm going to go get my baby out of bed now! :(