mothers day 2016

Yesterday was my first time celebrating mothers day - and I'm just going to say that I don't know what was in the air in Missouri, but I woke up tender and grateful. I had this urge all day to tell everyone I knew how much they mean to me - how thankful I am for their role in my life as I learn and grow as a Mom.

I also almost lost my marbles walking into HyVee at 6:30 Sunday morning with my Mom to grab muffins and fruit for breakfast before everyone woke up.

I just really love my Mom.

Whew! Moving on.

Highlights of the weekend were:

- Deciding to do a last minute garage sale and only making $15 total. TOTAL. I spent my 9 bucks 2 hours later at Old Navy because I lose my sunglasses every year and needed new ones.

- Rhett riding in the burley for the first time. How'd it go? Well, he slept as we went down steep hills and I wept as we went down steep hills.

- My Mom opening her present on Mothers Day. My Dad planned a vacation for our whole family to visit my Mom's hometown at the end of the summer, and we're all staying in a blue lake house with one bathroom. It's going to be fantastic.

- In a conversation about a new couple who started dating my Mom asked, "Did they find each other on Timber?" 

TINDER Mom. Tinder.

- My sister, Mom and I drinking coffee in our robes around her dining room table.

And I could go on and on. But it's my bed time and I'm hoping Shane still thinks it's mothers day and wants to give me a foot rub.


Melinda said...

Happy Mother's Day, friend. Motherhood looks amazing on you.

Rebecca Nance said...

Love love love all of this!

ihappymothersday2017 said...

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