the longest day

Last night, after we put Rhett to bed, Shane and I went outside to do our nightly routine; which looks like me watering the tomato and pepper plants, and Shane watering the radishes.

Simple. Easy. Just the way I like it.

I should probably point out that Shane has to remind me every day to water the plants.

"Kallie, did you water the tomatoes today?"

"Uh. No." 

Then I usually get all offended and upset because I'm an adult and can do adult things (besides keeping plants alive).

Maybe if I had a chore chart with stickers I'd be better at doing it on my own. Except instead of earning cheap toys the prizes could be a camper, weekend getaways, new boots and hot tamales.

I can't wait to water the tomatoes tonight!

Anyway - somehow we ended up sitting outside watching the lightening bugs for almost an hour, talking about life and how we need to be nicer to each other. We had no idea that it was the longest day of the year, but couldn't get over how the pink sky was melting into oranges and blues. Incredible.

Later, when Shane realized it was the longest day of the year, he said, "Let's celebrate that day every year by sitting outside together, just me and you." 

Of course Shaner. Of course.

Also, when can I have another one of your babies?

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Rebecca Nance said...

Why is there not a LIKE button on these things? Cause I really liked that post. :)