an ode to cardigans

I'm a new mom. Meaning I know little to none about providing helpful information to other moms in America.

I do know one thing though, and that would be that the clothing that is trendy (I say trendy very loosely) to wear right now is so great for new moms and women in general because it is so versatile.

Long lost are the days of skin tight shirts that barely touch your low rise spanx Silver jeans that you just had to have, and little short jean skirts. #praisereport

Enter: loose shirts. These babies are long in length, covering your whole bottom giving you the option to wear leggings or jeans. They have movement, distracting people from the spit up on your shoulder and are the best for nursing because you can literally fit 4 people in there.

Enter: cardigans that would fit in with the best of your Grandma's stash. They are oversized, doubling as a robe!

True life scenario with an oversized cardigan:

Shane: Hey, so and so is coming over to work on the electric, just to let you know.

Me: Ok. I should probably change, I'm wearing my new 'robe'. I look like a wreck. Haven't showered in 3 days. Thank you for not telling me I smell. Hazelnut coffee should be running for president. 

Right after I hit send, the electric guy shows up.

THANK GOODNESS FOR MY CARDIGAN/ROBE. It saved a moment that could have been incredibly awkward.

Except later when I went to my friends house - I wore said cardigan with jeans, booties and some big earrings. And her husband, who was also the guy working on our electric, was there to greet me.

I think he was confused that I was wearing my "robe" out in public.

Basically I think that men are wondering what women are wearing these days, and women are high-fiving each other telling each other we look cute.

Amen to that.