thanksgiving 2015

Loud. Crazy. Intense. Vocal. Fun. Hilarious. Intimate. Sincere. Warm. Authentic.

Also known as - Thanksgiving weekend with the Carmichaels!

There were so many moments that I want to bottle up and write about, but I'll start out with my absolute favorite.

My niece Alivia is a spunky little spirit. She's sassy and outgoing, loves anything girly and has recently been choosing to sit at the adult table listening to our conversation instead of playing with the kids. She's the sweetest right now; giving out compliments like it's a full time job and writing love notes to every one she likes. On Sunday after church, she offered to say the prayer over the food, the last prayer we would share as a family right before we all went our separate ways, and in closing, with the softest voice, said these words:

"Thank you for family to love. 
Thank you for family to be loved by."

What truth. After a weekend rubbing shoulders with 15 family members that have grown and changed, each sibling and family member now thinking differently on all aspects of life - we are all still rooted in the one thing.

We are family.

We are a family that places Christ in the center of our homes.

We are a family that loves each other through every stage of life.

We are a family that is waiting on the other side of every tunnel, cheering each other on.

And I think in that moment when Alivia said those words - our hearts shifted back towards God and this gift of family.

Thank you Lord for family to love. Thank you Lord for family to be loved by.

*Sigh* Pass the kleenex gosh darnit! 

...time for pictures!

Have you ever played twister as an adult? This is the only picture I could put on the internet of me and my sister because underwear and low rise jeans are not BFFs.

A lot of lap lovin' happened the whole time we were together. I think one of the coolest things ever is to see your siblings love on your kids. I didn't realize what gift that was until having Rhett - but it's so good.

We went bowling on Friday to get out of the house. Here's the thing about kids getting older: they can read. So our nicknames for each other that are slightly inappropriate are getting questioned.
"Mommy, why is Daddy's name Tits?" Oh. Yeah. About that.

 Kaela showed us all a new way of carrying Rhett when he's gassy and it totally works as getting him to sleep too. She's a children whisperer.

My parents invited some of their friends over to join us for dinner (which is my favorite trait about them, always including others) and I can't believe how big Rhett looks in this picture. Practically a toddler.


Grandkids! Cuties.

"Pick your favorite emoji!" Guess which one is mine. Or just look for my man hands.

Cooks in the kitchen. Here's a surprising fact: my sweet potato soufflé turned out so good! And when all the sides are supposed to cook at 350 degrees life is so easy.

This is what happens when you ask a 7 year old to smile. Bless him.

Hope your Thanksgiving was full of learning and growing and loving.

And pie. Always pie.


Nancy Carbiener said...

So beautiful......makes me cry! Very happy and blessed to be a part of this family. So anxious for Christmas!

Megan said...

Love you.