scrub away.

Scrubs might be the death of my waistline. No, maybe not death, expansion might be a better fitting word. Whoever invented scrubs obviously never had to worry about any weight gain. To show you why I have a hate relationship with my work apparel, I'll let ya'll have a sneak peak of a conversation I had with myself today.

"Ohhhh someone brought brownies to work today! Should I have one? I could have just one. Let's see, I worked out this morning, I jogged up the stairs, I've walked to my car twice and I'll only have a banana for dinner."

After one brownie..

"I don't think I can eat just one, that corner piece looks really small it won't even count as another."

After two brownies..

"Mmmm, did the person that brought these bring milk too?"

After three brownies..

"Okay, my eyes are turning brown I'm so full. Thank the Lord that these pants have draw strings in them because it seems I have developed a food baby."

What? Draw strings?

Who invented draw strings and told the stupid lady in my head that it's okay to have 3 brownies?!?

I bet whoever it was is wearing scrubs.

Someone get me a treadmill.

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