birthday boy!

I am now dating an older man. I'm really only in the relationship because I'm hoping he'll croak soon and I'll get his gobs of money.


Mr. B is my most favorite thing ever. The best thing about him? He lets me kiss him whenever I want. 

And I'd just like to say thanks babe.

Thanks for thinking its cute when I have a mad case of the giggles.

For teaching me what sudden death looks like in a field of beans.

For letting me have the inside of the couch whenever we lay and watch movies.

For random back and shoulder rubs when I'm driving.

For piggy back rides to my car when the grass is wet.

For always giving me the cherry pop tart.

For washing my windshield when we are both filling up our gas tanks at Caseys.

For trying to count my ribs until I literally am peeing my pants.

Can we make this the last time we spend our birthdays apart?

I love you more than sweatshirt weather.

Happy 22nd Birthday!


Deeb said...

More than sweatshirt weather.....PHEW thats a lot of love!!! :)

Megan said...

MORE than sweatshirt weather?!

That's a lot!

Kallie said...

Haha, yeah sweatshirt weather!! We all love it!

Kiri said...

Very cute post! Happy birthday to your sweetie!


Joseph said...

Happy Belated Birthday to the Birthday Boy.....

Very Cute Kal... very cute!