Why is it with the change of season I feel like I need new clothes? I actually don't need anything, it's more of a bad case of the wants. The birthday wants.

Insert plain and cute casual shirt.

From Old Navy. It'd be perfect for a date. Or running errands. Or a fun girls night out. Or a date. 

Insert cute boots:

Product Image
From Target. I told ya'll that place was amazing and here is a great example why that is. These babies are only 50 bucks. 5-0.

Last but certainly not least, and definitely a "in your dreams"...enter jeans.


I might be drooling.

Okay, I'm officially drooling.

I need a napkin.

I'm pretty sure the Buckle needs to pass out napkins for free.

What are you wanting this fall?


Megan said...

To not wear maternity clothes anymore. That's what I'm wanting.

Kallie said...

But you're adorable pregnant, so that comment doesn't count :)

Monica said...

Do you really want the list...at this very moment, I want to get a full night's sleep, a chai tea frappe and a pair of jeans!