July Recap.

I can't be the only person to feel like the summer went by way too fast, right? I know there's a whole month of glorious humidity left, but it seems the transition to fall starts creeping in as soon as the calendar page flips to August.

July was good to our family. And by good, I mean real good. 

Here's what worked:

Going to Mom's Group every week.
I joined a mom's group a couple months ago (that I legitimately was scared to go to ) and cannot begin to describe how good it has been for my heart to not only connect with women I didn't know very well - but to see how other families are doing life with such love and grace towards each other. Bonus points for the tasty snacks and learning how to be a better wife and mother myself.  Shane told me the other day that I don't seem to yell anymore. That's a win. Thanks, God.

Leaning into time with family. 
We immersed ourselves in family time this past month! July 4th was spent in Perry with Shane's Dad's side and that is always my favorite. Rhett and I cheered on a family member at the county fair, I spent ample time learning beside Grammie and we wrapped up the month going to Wisconsin for a couple days to hug extended family members and dreamed about having a lake house. Thankful doesn't even begin to cover it.

Going on nightly walks. 
This filled my bucket daily. It's purposeful, helps Shane and I to connect intentionally throughout the week, and keeps our priorities in perspective. Plus I like holding Shane's hand.

Getting my hair chopped off. 6 inches baby. She gone. I feel fun again! And I wear lipstick sometimes too. Who am I!?

Here's what didn't work:

Googling. Everyone knows that you should not look things up on the internet when you feel funny. Well, I apparently need this tattooed on my hand because I spent a good chunk of time worrying last month because of my own doing. Thank goodness for husbands who tell you to put the phone down. Just don't ever do it. 

Bedtime. Rhett's bedtime basically went out the window as soon as the sun started setting later, it's just so hard to go inside. And Shane and I? Don't even get me started. I think we're averaging a bedtime of 11:15-11:30 on a good night. We've got to figure out something different in August or I'm going to get even bigger bags under my eyeballs.

This month we're looking forward to the state fair (always!), a Cardinals game with family at the end of the month in St. Louis, and hopefully earlier bed times.

Let's do this!


Laurie said...

Welcome back sunshine!!! I know your readers have missed you! Can I get an amen????

Wendy Willingham said...

Amen!! 😊

Dan Carmichael said...

If there is anything I don't regret about raising you kids; it's that I wasn't too strict about a summer bedtime. Don't sweat the small stuff Sweetie. You're a GREAT mom and wife! (And daughter too, of course 😉)