communication stories

Shane at 3:36 pm: Kallie, there's a package that is going to be delivered tomorrow via fed ex, okay?"

Me: Okay. 

Shane at 5:59 pm: Hey Kallie, I just wanted to let you know that tomorrow fed ex is going to be bringing me a package. I'm not sure of the time.

Me: Okay. 

Shane at 7:01 am: Today at some point, I'm not sure when, fed ex is going to be dropping off a package. Okay, Kallie?

Me: Shane. You've told me this 3 times. I hear you, bud. 

And then we talked through why he's repeated this info and blah blah blah, I can't remember the rest. Maybe that's why we're struggling with conversations? Nah. 

When I saw the truck pull in the driveway this afternoon, I threw my fork across the dining table, jumped out of my chair, slid my feet into a pair of random shoes and bolted outside. Trying not to breath heavy, I thanked the nice employee for his service and tucked the folder under my arm so the windmill gusts couldn't take it from me. 

Then I sent Shane a video telling him that I got the mail. It's safe. And then asked him if he wanted me to tuck it in for a nap. 

He called me back after a while, "You think you're pretty funny, don't you?"

To which I replied, "Babe. I just want to be the laugh of your life."

And here are a few still shots of the video to prove to you that Shane is a lucky guy who sometimes gets to come home to a wife with no makeup on and sassiness to last a lifetime. 

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Michelle said...

Okay, I laughed way too hard at this. I miss you!!!!!!!