February --> March

Things that worked for me in February:

Reading. I hear from women all the time they don't have time to read, and I'm here to tell you that you prioritize what you want. I keep a book in my diaper bag in case I have a little down time (thanks for the tip Mary Beth!), and try reach for a book over my phone most days.

Going to workout group consistently. My friend and I started a little workout group in town (that's free and you can bring your kids!) and it's been great to have a reason to get out the house and sweat it out with other women.

Vulnerable conversations with Shane. Because we value our marriage, we've been having deep conversations with each other about what temptations we're falling into, how to help each other and what we need from each other on a daily/weekly basis.

Getting ready for the day early. Aka - putting on jeans. Hear me out - I fully understand and know that little children can make it real hard to care for yourself, but LADIES. We all know that we feel better with a little dove soap and mascara. Not to mention I'm more confident and secure with myself when Shane gets home. Maybe it's not jeans for you, maybe it's just brushing your teeth.

Reading the actual bible. I attended the IF: Gathering at the beginning of the month and learned so much from these women who love the Lord. You know what these women probably don't do? Make excuses. I feel like for so long we have said to our girlfriends "Its okay that you aren't reading your bible or getting any quiet time in your life, you're busy." Hold up. We need every ounce of Jesus we can get to parent our children, to love our husbands and nurture our friendships well. And it starts with opening our bibles.

Things that didn't work for me in February:

Not being productive at nap time. I went through a couple weeks during the end of Jan and Feb where I didn't do much during nap time - and you know what? I felt even more tired when Rhett woke up.

Letting my emotions and feelings rule the school during hard conversations. There were a couple times last month that I sent out SOS texts to friends asking them to speak some wisdom in my life when the ledge was a little too close for comfort. This is an area that I stumble into often.

What I'm looking forward to in March:

-Planning out my flower garden and starting seedlings.
-Continuing to volunteer in the 2nd grade classroom at the grade school.
-Hosting a Noonday trunk show (!!!!!). I'm nervous. I'm not sure why.
-My beautiful and talented friend, Jess, coming to stay with us for a weekend. I need to wash the guest room sheets.

Let's do this, March.


Michelle said...

YES to reading the actual Bible! The past few years I had always done reading plans on my phone, which was convenient but when I got back into sitting down and opening my real Bible - all the praise hands!!! :) Love you, friend - and super glad I found your blog! :)

Nancy Carbiener said...

Just happened to check this out today and when I found a new post, it made my day!
Love you!

Emily Ewoldt said...

E Squared (the Emily's) in toledo fs are requesting weekly blog posts :)
Please and thank you!