Stretchy pants and earrings.

So, about a month ago was the yearly high school girls get together. It's usually not very formal and over the years the group has grown to include people that didn't even go to school with us but are now friends too.

I like that. More room at the table.

This year, four of us showed up. The plans went from a large group at a hipster wine location to a small, intimate group at the local bar just miles from each of our homes.

I'll be honest, I was pretty disappointed. I thought the night was going to be a waste.

"What is going to be so special about this? We see each other fairly often."

Uhhh, and then it was the best time.

We spent 4 hours talking about the simplicity of growing up in our small town. That small town life is what you make it - and we want it to be good. Not only for our children, but as mothers and wives too.

We laughed about not being invited to birthday parties that crushed our fragile hearts at 9 years old. About clothing fads and the people that we used to be.

My favorite moment of the night was when we all locked our pinky fingers and swore over loud music that we would try to be as average parents as possible and then shared goals and dreams for the next 10 years.

It was so wholesome. A few of us had lipstick on. Hair curled. Wearing earrings that can't be worn everyday due to little hands. The same little hands that bring out our insecurities and confidence all at once.

Who would have thought? The girls that used to play 'house' together are getting a chance to open our lives and homes to live in community together.

Thanks, God, for girl time that fills the bucket.

Moral of the story for ladies in high school? Be kind. You never know who you'll need in your corner someday.

And those people in your corner will more than likely be getting minivans and will laugh about it over carbs.

So invest in some good stretchy pants.


Melinda said...

So sad I missed you all!

Becca G said...

This made me cry!! What a great night this was