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Dear Rhett baby.

This post is mostly for me because I'm guessing you won't care what size clothes you were wearing at this age (aka - huge.) or the fun things your Daddy and I loved watching you do.

You're an adventure seeker. Climbing on everything from the bench your Dad made in high school that sits in our mudroom, to picnic tables and the stairs when we aren't paying attention. You love to play with the cushions from the couch, rolling around and throwing them.

You're waking up once during the night. Sometimes it's at 1:00 am - other times at 4:30 when Daddy's alarm clock goes off to load hogs. Our doctor told us the other day that we need to stop tending to you in the middle of the night and my heart ached a little because that would mean you aren't a baby anymore.

You like to sing along to every thing. Music comes on? You start babbling. I'm singing in the kitchen? You start singing along. Your voice is so sweet.

Your thighs are barely fitting in 18 month jeans. We have two pairs of the same "jeans" because they are the only kind we've found to fit. I say "jeans" because they are more like sweatpants that are blue, but don't make you look like a can of muffins ready to explode. Speaking of your thighs, the four rolls that I used to squeeze at every diaper change are gone, and only a few are left. I have a feeling that this is associated with growth rather than malnutrition because you are eating food like a champ.

Yesterday you were playing in a clothes basket and decided to dive out of it, landing on your face. I was immediately worried about your teeth, but your upper lip took the brunt and swelled up real quick. Your Dad told me I better get used to accidents so I've started a piggy bank for emergency room visits.

Your first birthday party was a success! No melt downs or sugar highs. You actually ate a little bit of the cake (not a fan of the frosting, just like your Dad), tried grabbing the candle when we sang happy birthday and fell asleep on Mama's lap by the bonfire later that night. I think I kissed your forehead 20 times as I carried you up the stairs that night. What a joy you are, and what a year it's been.

We feel blessed to be able to love and raise you.

Here's to another year of adventure!

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