perry on the fourth.

It's Brelsford tradition to spend the Fourth of July in Perry, stuffing your face with special k bars that taste like Jesus himself made them. We leave early in the morning to get there in time for the parade and this year I made Shane stop the car in the driveway to take a picture of the flag that he put up the night before.

I love a good flag.

Every time I hang out with Shane's Dad's family I try and pinpoint why exactly I love my time spent with them so much.

Is it because no one seems stressed?
Is it the strawberry pretzel salad?
Is it because they encourage taking a nap in the afternoon?

Yes, yes and yes.

It was Rhett's first year and I'm fairly certain he had a good time because he ignored me trying to take his picture so he could see the trucks. Side note: I know I had a good time because I had to unbutton my pants on the ride home to sit comfortably.

No worries, I already set a reminder on my phone to wear elastic waisted shorts next year.

My heart can't even handle this photo of the boys. Watching them grow up together is going to be the best. 

Here comes Chucks truck! Isn't she pretty?

I think it's a she.

Once again I choked up as it slowly drove by. All of us hootin' and hollerin' with smiles as big as Texas plastered on our faces. In that moment, you can literally feel us coming together like thread being woven. This family is strong and they love each other in an incredible and compassionate way.  If there's one thing that I want my kids to remember from spending the 4th in Perry - it's that.

Oh, and that you'll get pelted with 2 pounds of candy if you're not careful.

After the parade we always go visit Shane's Dad's grave.

That middle picture is Rhett's "I just had a major blowout and you get to change it!" face.

We spent the remainder of the day eating and catching up at Eldon and Elaines. They moved into town from their farm this past year, and while I missed the big maple trees and the "friendly" softball game, we still had a great time.

And I don't know if I've ever introduced the world wide web to these 2 ladies, but you want them in your life. Kelly (on the right) makes the best cavatelli and always has a glass of wine handy. And I could spend all night talking with Barb. She's wise and witty and I love her.

Oh, and we got a dog.


His name is Max and he has gray hair all over his face and Rhett squeals when we play fetch.

Basically the perfect addition to our family.

Pst! You can read a past 4th recap here. You're welcome. 

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