support your state.

This post isn't about state politics. Lord only knows we see enough of that plastered on the TV and it's taken all the spotlight on The Today Show lately. Which in itself is just tragic.

Tragic I tell you!

I'm actually here to tell ya'll that today is National Missouri Day!

We all celebrated by painting one of our front teeth black and sitting our dryer on the front porch! And if you hadn't been eating your Wheaties lately to carry your dryer to the front porch, they were handing out overalls and straw to stick in your mouth.

We're generous down here.

Our state animal is the mule!

Oh it get's better. The state musical instrument is the fiddle! They practically make kids learn how to play them at school.

"But Mama, I just want to play the drums!"

"Drums are from the devil!"

So, when are you coming to visit?


Megan said...

December 23rd, that's when I'm coming to visit. And all the big black snakes better be gone by then.

Kallie said...

oh they will be sister!

Lindsey said...

haha. thats totally true!
I was going to play the drums, and instead I played the violin in junior high and high school. I want to make a visit to como soon!! I love mo so much more than Kansas! <3