see ya summer!

It's been a pretty quiet week around here. It seems as of lately that the weeks are just flying by and because fall is my favorite season, I don't want it to pass by as quickly as this last season did. I remember at the beginning of the summer talking with my best friend about all the things that we had going on for the next months, how the season of summer is just hot and sticky and gross. Then all the sudden she and I are laying on the couch while the boys were downstairs, wrapping ourselves in blankets like we always do when we chat. Talking about all the things we want to do this fall and how much she loves how great her husband is.
Our husbands have that in common. They also both have blue eyes, brown hair, wear size 34x34 in jeans, have the same exact wedding band, and are constantly sporting a dirty hat. So great!
Also, as the pictures on top show that I've worn my hair up every dang day this week and the top right picture also looks like I have a lazy eye. Whoo-hoo! Love me some lazy eye.
Mr. B also brought home a new toy semi this week and played with it on the bar for a solid 10 minutes making sounds and putting different trailers on it. That boy, he's constantly teaching me to be grateful for little things.
Oh! And we have kittens! But they are wild and hiss at me when I try to pick them up. To solve this problem I put on thick leather gloves and a heavy coat so I could hold them by the bonfire last night. Copper only tried to eat it a couple times so I'd say it was a success.
3 day weekend, here we come!


Megan said...

I really really like you.

christina said...

love the hair...funny about the kittens :)