from the start.

I'm pretty sure I've smiled so much in the past 2 days that I will have permanent wrinkles on my face for the rest of my life.

That's okay though because, I'M ENGAGED!!!



And boy, it feels so good.

A little background on Mr. B and myself. Because I can't tell you the engagement story without knowing how we started dating.

The whole reason we even starting dating in *ahem* 8th grade was to annoy Mr. B's previous girlfriend. One day in the hallway she pulled me aside and said that she heard we were 'going out'. I thought this was hilarious because I was so scared of Mr. B. He was so intimidating to everyone, bullying people and winning all the arm wrestling contests in home economics class. I had even written in my journal that I didn't like him because of the way he acted.

He also used to call me a boy. Because my arms were bigger than his. True story.

So, I worked up the courage to tell Mr. B about what my friend mentioned about us and of course he cracked up. Then he got a little devilish smile on his face.

"We should just act like we like each other just to see what she says. Here, wear my (enormously huge) watch and see what she does," he snickered.

He's so cute when he snickers.

I wore the watch like he ordered to try and convince her that we were an item. We pretended that we were all hot and heavy and she was annoyed as planned.

A week went by and the shenanigans continued. He would walk with me in the hallway pretending to think that I was pretty, and I would laugh at his jokes pretending to think he was funny.

But he was funny. Real funny.

I liked his masculinity and strong personality. He was all boy from head to toe. Even his hands were rough from playing sports and working in his garage.

A couple days went on and before we knew it school was going to be over. On the last day a group of us girls were going to dress all silly to go out of 8th grade with a bang. We thought it would be such a great idea to have the boys lend us a pair of their boxers to wear as shorts and immediately started calling dibs on different boys.

Mr. B's old girlfriend asked him.

And that's when I figured out I liked him, because I was sad that his long johns were going to be on her.

And that's when I figured out he liked me, because he didn't want her to.

To skip all the details that I will probably share later, and with a small push from my good friend Melinda, he asked me to be his girlfriend by the water pump down by the softball fields a week later.

The rest is history. 


Leah said...

This post makes me so incredibly happy. CONGRATULATIONS!

Megan said...


So freaking happy. I don't think I've ever been so excited for someone in my life!

Kiri said...

Oh Kallie, I am SOO happy for you!!! My heart jumped when I read the words "engaged"! Enjoy this special time and have a wonderful time planning your wedding! Congratulations! :)


kayla rotola said...

8th grade? Wow. That is pretty sweet. : ) Congratulations again, girl! I'm a big fan of marriage, and I highly recommend it!

Trisha Marie said...

I cant wait to hear about the rest!!!

Becca said...

It was such a cute story and I was getting myself all ready to hear the engagement story...
Then it was over! Awww man!
Oh well. You're lucky I'm so happy for you! ;)

Melinda said...

Good thing I've always been a little pushy! : )

Monica said...

Congrats! Enjoy the ride!