once upon a 4th

What? It's July 23rd and I'm just now talking about our 4th of July festivities?  

Whoop whoop!  

I love the 4th of July because it's basically a big party where you eat lots of desserts, light things on fire and wear bandanas. And every year the Brelsford family gets together in Perry to watch the town parade, then we go out to my favorite place in all of Iowa - Eldon and Elaine's farm. 

Speaking of Eldon and Elaine, here they are meeting Skyler for the first time! 

Here's Chuck! I love him so much. He got an iphone and was showing it off to Mr. B. He also makes me laugh all the time.

This is Mr. B showing Chuck that he can open his camera from the main screen. His mind was blown.
Did I tell you I love him? 

"I just can't believe you can open your camera like that!"

I always like to take pictures of Mr. B and Derrick. Plaid shirts. Hats. Leathermans on their belts. The same hands in their pockets. The way they use "crapper" as a nickname for Skyler. 

Sometimes I wonder what their Papa would think if he saw his sons as grown men. Would he see himself in them? Would he realize how much he shaped their lives? Would he be proud of who they turned out to be? 

Being in Perry makes me think those things - because this is the place where Mr. B has the best memories and stories. And almost every single one of them ends with someone gettin' a whoopin'. 

Look! It's Chucks truck! 

Say that 5 times fast. 

Everyone in the family literally went crazy when it drove by. It's like the truck was Luke Bryan on the red carpet and we were the paparazzi. I think I knocked over a child to get that picture...? 

Like I said, every year after the parade we go out to the farm.

And eat. 
And eat. 
And play nertz. 
And eat. 

Then we all lay underneath the big trees. 

And play softball till someone gets hurt or until someone needs a break.

Then Mr. B and I take our annual tree picture. 

And we leave full and happy. 

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