Happy Monday afternoon! How was everyones weekend? 

I found stretch marks on my forearm yesterday, so there’s that. Shane was actually sitting right by me when it happened. He thought it was funny and I found it horrifying. 

“Its because you’re shrinking!”

I’m sure thats it. 

We kicked off last Friday with a date. Shane wore khakis and I wore a dress that flowed perfectly when I walked.  My favorite part was the German wine and the bread. I could have sat there all night feasting on those two things, sitting across from my guy in plaid. I realized today that instead of documenting the date by taking pictures of ourselves, I took pictures of the flowers/plants that I want in my yard. 

Come to Mama! 

Saturday we mowed the lawn and started a project on the porch. Here’s the backstory: one of the pillars was sinking into the porch and we didn't know if it was structural or cosmetic. But much to our dismay, when Shane ripped off the base board we were greeted with mold and a rotten piece of wood that was supposed to be holding up the roof.  

Then I did what I do best and started crying right there on the porch. I think this happens because last fall I brought home a baby and didn’t have a kitchen floor? Who knows.  I also blame this on being an optimist, because instead of preparing for the worst case scenario, I always try and think of the best case scenario and then the worst case scenario laughs in my face like a big ol jerk. 

Anyway, Sunday morning we were on our way to our second home (Menards!), with determination and a list. 

Turns out adulting means you spend your weekends working on your own little piece of the american dream - and sometimes going on a date and wearing a pretty dress. 

Cheers to that! 

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