some good things

Tuesdays are from the Lord. 

I wouldn't have said that a year ago. 

I also wouldn't have ever been caught dead saying, "Yeah, Rhett slept beside me for a couple hours this morning!" or "I do a load of laundry every day because if I don't my house smells like things that come out of a baby."

Babies change you! 

I'm full of knowledge this morning that you've never heard of before. 

(that was sarcastic.)

Anyway, we moved our desk in the office to face the windows last week. I told Shane that I feel like I can write better when I can look outside and see movement and feel a part of something bigger. 

His response? "Yeah this will work out perfect. Big tractors drive by sometimes."

WELL SIGN ME UP. I love a big 'ol tractor. 

My point is this: Tuesdays are my one of my favorite things right now because I get the day to do simple things with my baby boy and around our little acreage. 

Another one of my favorite things? Snapchat. 

Don't even judge me and tell me it's a teen app. Because I know these things and I also know that the filters make me laugh for hours and getting chats from my sister and her boys make me almost pee my pants. #thanksRhett

Tuesday goals:

-Wash Shane's jeans. He called and reminded me to do this an hour after he left for work. I think he's worried I might forget. 
-Take Rhett's 5 month picture. He's almost 6 months. Sue me. 
-Workout in some form. Does going up the stairs 40 times count?
-Make Rhett laugh big belly laughs. I'm fairly funny so this should be easy. 

Have a great Tuesday! And you can follow along on instagram and snapchat #ilovetuesdays.

It's pretty fun. 

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