I love the first day of every month. It's like a complete blank slate. And I'm happy to have pushed February out the back door because was it the longest month for anyone else too?

I shouldn't say that it was a complete waste. February had some good fruit.

Rhett rolling over.
Having people at our house for the Super Bowl party.
Shane and I going on our first date since Rhett was born (crab rangoon pizza made my life complete).
Finalized our finances with the house.
Had family come in from out of town unexpectedly.
Started placing boundaries on our Saturday mornings to spend quality time as a family.

  (still have to  pinch myself when I see little carhartts air drying in my house)

So. Yeah. I guess February wasn't terrible.

The biggest bummer that happened last month was that my coffee maker broke and I still don't have one.

It says that it should be delivered today! YES.

If it doesn't come I might chase the mailman down and demand an answer. But that requires running. I'll keep you posted.

I've been doing Lara Casey's power sheets each month and you guessed it - I love 'em.

My goals for March include:

Spend time with Shane outside working on the house/property. Shane and I really love being outside. Like, love it. Plus our home needs some TLC. Quality time and being productive sounds like a bucket filler to me.
Invite people over for dinner. This doesn't sound like a very hard thing to do - but before you know it the month is over and no one but our family has gathered around our table. It's so important to tend to your relationships, and this is the best way we've found to do that.
Spend some good ol effort to take care of myself. It's only taken me 4 months to realize that if I'm not taking care of myself I can't take care of Rhett and Shane as well as I want to. Sign me up for sweat sessions, sleep, showers and alone time with a warm cup in my hand.
A load of laundry a day. Because I really don't enjoy spending a whole day doing laundry. Ew.  

I'm also on this huge kick off going "old school" to the point of wanting a home phone.

I know. But remember when you'd come home and see the machine flashing and your whole family would listen to the message that someone left? I laugh thinking about it. No privacy! The horror! I love it.

I just want to slow down and learn to love the process in life. Not get caught up in the busyness that everyone is selling and expecting immediate results in everything I do.

I blame my Keurig for enabling me to believe this lie. You cannot order a medium sized friendship and get the results in less than a minute.