when houses become homes

This morning I woke up and didn't know where I was, and it wasn't because I slept so hard.

No no.

When Rhett lost his paci for the 4th time last night I figured that it was easier to stretch myself over the edge of the bed than to get up every time he needed it, so I put my pillow at the opposite side of the bed and slept that way and groggily woke up not knowing where I was.

And Shane woke up to my feet in his face.

These are the days!

Anyway. It's sunny and I need to document our progress on the casa.

Let's start with the outside! 

Updates out here include: new siding with insulation (thank the LORD), new windows, taking out one of the driveways, grading the yard, removing some bushes and a tree, and spraying snake repellent all over the yard.

Just kidding. But we are snake haters and do not trust anyone who likes them. May God help your soul.

Our spring and summer plans are to plant some grass, paint the cement on the bottom of the house, re-stain the porch floor, install a screen door for the porch (my absolute favorite thing in the world), do some landscaping, and a million other things. A MILLION.

Oh! And a couple wooden rockers for the porch. Can't forget that.

Onto the inside!

The above picture is what the door opening used to be from the kitchen to the dining room. Small. Tiny.

Looking at that picture I remember that there was a time when Shane had to hold/hoist me as we walked up those stairs because I was healing from a c-section. He would put one arm around my waist and with his other arm he would steady my hand. We walked so slow. One step at a time, pausing after each one. The goal was to get to the landing at the top. Together.

Thats what life still looks like for us, figuratively speaking.

It's slow. It's us trying to be steady and moving forward. Working together to make this place feel like ours (but not ours, hey God!) and trying to figure out what our new normal is (oh hey no sleep and new baby!). Some days it goes smoothly, and some days it's feels like the time when he moved too fast and squeezed too hard around my incision: painful.

But the goal is still the same - to get there together. And I'm so glad I've got Shane with one arm around my waist and the other on my arm.

Man, hope you plugged your nose on that one because we just went DEEP.

*tap tap* is this thing still on? 

Moving into the kitchen. Aka the place where I bake the cookies.

Let me assure you that I love it and that 99% of the time there are dirty dishes on the counters/in the sink/on the stove and crap on the floor.

I think we'll eventually add an island, but the fact that our sink works and we can cook in here is good enough for us.

Another view from the living room.

Don't be jealous of our current situation for holding the dvd/satellite box. I'm guessing we'll need to take care of that situation before Rhett starts moving and before I go crazy from the exposed wires.

I was reading a post on doing a renovation from another blogger and she said, "Don't forget how far you've come."

It's so easy to forget what you started with and focus on where things are currently at. Zooming out 30,000 feet puts things in perspective every time.

Houses don't become homes in one day.

They become homes one day at a time.

Now if you'll excuse me I have to go take care of the pile of dishes that are currently sitting in my sink. Just kidding. I'm going to go snuggle with Rhett.


Megan said...

Don't mind me - I'm just over here crying!! Seriously. It is all incredible. Seeing the side by side comparisons have left my jaw on the ground. So proud of you two... all of your hard work, hanging on to the 'end goal' when it was so hard. LOOOOOVE you!

Franklin Stewart said...

The improvements you have made on your home are impressive. I think the larger opening in the kitchen is my favorite. You are absolutely right, houses do not become homes in one day. You have come very far with your home, and it looks great. I can’t wait to see what other improvements you decide to do.

Franklin Stewart @ Muller Exteriors

Orville Johnson said...
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