kitchen status part one.

If I could go back to May of this year and give myself a preview of what November would hold, I would say these things:

1- A halfway put together kitchen at the end of November will feel like a $50,000 chefs kitchen. You will feel like a queen. Get that crown ready girl!

2- Your son's first halfway giggle and biggest smile of his life happens in said 'halfway put together kitchen' and it will trigger a dance party and sob fest immediately. #idied

3- Music is still your jam - all of it. Especially Justin Bieber. 

4- Your first meal you cook in your house is grilled cheese and tomato soup from a can. You're still not any fancier with dinner than you used to be. That's okay. 

Time for pictures! 

We don't have hardware yet. I'm looking into these bad boys

We went with a solid surface countertop. They are seamless and super durable. Basically a perfect match for Shane's slight OCD.

And perfect for me due to their gorgeousness. I want to sleep on them. I ask them if they are cold and need a blanket.

It's hard to shake the Mom status once its on full throttle.


If you squint really hard you can see a white subway tile backsplash with gray grout in the photo below.

 No? Squint harder. Or come help install them.

Open wood shelving will be installed in the empty spot on the wall. I want to grow some spices and herbs to put there. Then I remembered that I kill everything thats green and alive.

When I was talking to a woman about renovating a home built in 1880, the one piece of advice she gave me was to not get caught up in having things be perfect.

"A home built that long ago has stories and has settled. Things will not be perfect. That's the beauty of it."

I hugged her, of course.

Look! I'm doing dishes! And I didn't drop my phone in the sink!

After not having running water or being able to cook for a long time - I'm loving doing dishes. I'll keep you posted if that's still the case in another month.

Anyway, we still have a ton to do - but it's getting there. 

Remember what it used to look like?

We only added 2ft extra to the kitchen and opened the wall between the kitchen and dining room - it's amazing how different it looks. 

Much more room for kitchen dancing, that's for sure. 

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