phone calls

I would never call myself a phone person. I've never loved calling up someone just to talk for 30 minutes about my sore back.

(That's definitely a thing right now. You should probably pray for Mr. B.)

Today, though? Today I called my Mom and my Sister. And I'm pretty sure I've called them more times in the past 2 months than I ever have in my entire life.

I chalk this up to:
1- I have two major life changes going on right now and all I want is guidance, wisdom, clarity, and a good laugh or a thousand.
2- I just really love them. And wish they were my neighbors.

And if you live by your family and you aren't hugging them on a daily basis? Shame on you.

Go to your room!

Don't you roll your eyes at me like that!

(I'm practicing my Mom lines).


Both phone calls left me with all the good feelings.
The big heart swells.
The ijustwanttosqueezeyousohard moment.

My Sister told me that her son had to draw a picture of his favorite place and present it to the class today. Guess where his favorite place is?

Our home. He actually called it "the farm" - which, stop it. It's the cutest.

Is that not the nicest thing? Houses are meant for hosting, guys. Don't forget.

Then! My Mom informed me that their small group wanted to come help us finish our house remodel.

They don't even know us that well. Or at all.

And that made me cry.

Moral of the story? Pick up your phone and call someone every once in a while. It might be the best part of your day.

Besides a back rub.

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