friday ramblings.

It's Friday and you know what that means?! Bullet point Friday!

- We officially moved into the slate house last Saturday and I've had a meltdown about it every day since. I think I was so distracted by the renovation/being pregnant/trying to maintain two houses/trying to keep up on laundry that I wasn't emotionally prepared to wake up on Sunday in a home without a kitchen. Or heat. Which actually is fine with me because, uh, I'm a 39 week pregnant hotbox.

- A huge thank you to family and friends that helped us move and settle in. I'm sorry you had to see me cry a lot that day, but I am so so grateful.

- I had a dream last night that we're having a boy. That makes 2 girl dreams and 1 boy dream. We cannot wait to find out!

- Turns out that all you need to do to feel like you live in an actual house is to put a rug down in the dining room, flowers on the table, and light a candle.

(Our little kitchen table looks so tiny in this dining room!)

- This morning the directTV guy saw me in my bright green robe. I, of course, didn't see him because I was on the phone with a very nice lady talking about if I am going to feed the baby naturally vs poison him or her with formula (just kidding all you Moms - don't get your mom jeans in a wad). Anyway, have you ever seen a green whale? The directTV guy has.

(Insert all the horror emoji icons.)

- My very very very dear friend made Mr. B and I a meal for Wednesday, and then texted me last night that she made us another meal for tonight. Guys - be that kind of friend. Also, be the kind of friend that accepts help. I'm not used to needing a ton of help, and it's been a battle for me to just release and let others do things for our family. And I've been so blessed by it this past month.

- I started reading, "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up" a couple days ago. I'm guessing that this seems crazy to some people due to the fact that our world is about to be rocked by a little babe, leaving us with no order what so ever, but I think this is a great alternative for nesting when you can't actually nest because you don't have a kitchen and there are still boxes everywhere and your current kitchen looks like this:

As you can see we still have to finish the floor trim - the stair railing has yet to be installed and that deer bench that I've been hiding from Mr. B for 4 years is actually a great little food storage area! Who knew.

- Construction is actually moving along fairly fast. This is the current view, complete with the caramel apple cider steamer that I picked up after the baby appointment yesterday.

- I washed all the baby items last night and I now have a new favorite scent: dreft. Holy yum.

- Lastly, do you guys periscope? Is that how you say that? I've been tuning in on a regular basis to watch/listen to Madison (she's a new mama and also in the midst of a renovation), and Gina (the lady who inspires me to dig into the word and do something with my life that is productive/something I love.)

Alright, my coffee is cold and I need to go try and walk this baby out. Happy Friday!


Sherri said...

1. I love your blog.
2. You are the sweeting young woman.
3. Blog more, please.

Sherri said...

That was supposed to say "sweetest" but I didn't proof my comment.