House/life update!

Lets see, what's new at the slate house?

Outside updates include 85% of siding installed. Still waiting for kitchen/mudroom addition and garage.
Dining room ceiling ripped out.
All electric done except for the kitchen, addition and garage.
Upstairs is painted with all trim installed for the windows.
Upstairs bathroom now has insulation and sheet rock.
New windows installed! Our living room looks like a sunroom.
And my favorite part? No holes in the hallway upstairs anymore!

 The siding is now all the way done on the porch so this photo is kind of outdated. But see the new picture window?

I have big plans for this porch. A double swing. Rocking chairs. Sweet tea in the summer. Coffee or chai tea in the fall.

Our child will probably fall off it 10 times the first year of his/her life.

Look closely - no more front door!

For once in my life I love the paint color we chose for the upstairs. It's gray, but really light gray when there is a ton of light, and then as the day goes on it changes from a lighter gray to a darker gray/taupe.

Sorry I just said gray 10 billion times.

Also, don't be jealous of the carpet. You can't have it yet.

I'll let you know when you can go dumpster diving for it.

The nursery!

Speaking of a nursery - I'm in week 33 and pregnancy is still being good to me. We have absolutely no furniture. No hospital bag packed. No car seat installed. And no diaper bag.

I think we're good to go!

Another huge thing that happened last week in our family is that our dog Copper died. It's thrown Mr. B and I on a huge emotional roller coaster. Which is ironic because we claimed that he was, "just a dog!"

But I still cry when I pull into our driveway and he doesn't greet me.
And every noise out in the garage makes us think that it's his tail hitting the side of the wall letting us know he's on the landing.
And we miss his talking. And need to be everywhere that we were.

Blah. I need a glass of wine.

Just kidding, Mom.


Megan said...

LOVE this update. Still so sad about Copper. And looking forward to sharing a glass of wine (or two) soon.

Nancy Carbiener said...

Love, love, love your blogs! Love you too!