the one time we went shopping and actually bought something

For a year we've been thinking that we should get some better bicycles to ride since we both still ride the same ones from junior high.

There is an amazing bike store in Grinnell called Bikes To You. The employees are super talented and know pretty much everything about bikes.

I know this because I quizzed them.

"Why do they make this bike in purple?"

"Will a basket fit on the front of this bike?"

"Could I ride this bike with no handlebars?"

We ended up test driving a couple different ones - and sure enough Mr. B and I didn't agree of which kind of style we wanted.

But that's okay because they both have the same rim size, so we can go the same speed without having to try real hard!

At least that's what Ryan the smart bike guy said.

Did I mention that we were watching our friends twins that morning? Yep. 

Of course I took a picture of Mr. B walking with them. 

 Now we just need to find super cute bike helmets.

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