proud of this man.

I know I say this all the time - but I really can't believe how much I hit the jackpot to be married to someone who:

1- Would never call "work", work.
2- Is the most reliable person on this whole planet.
3- Likes his underwear folded.
4- Looks so cute when holding a baby.


Mr. B passed his CCA exam this past winter (just found out yesterday!) - and I really couldn't be more proud. I am amazed at his knowledge and how much he knows about technology and agriculture combined.

His coworkers call him Jesus. And not in a mocking way - just that he seems to always have the answer and is usually right.

I hope he doesn't read this - I don't want him to get a big head.

But really, his coworker John tweeted this picture yesterday and wrote, "Jesus preaching on Good Friday."

And then we went out for dinner after church to celebrate. 

I celebrated by ordering a huge plate of food and then getting so nauseous that I couldn't eat any of it.

I guess Baby Brelsford doesn't like Applebees.

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