Friday 'nanagins.

I usually don't have Friday's off - but because the good Lord loves me, April is full of free Fridays.

Fridays to do laundry and watch the today show and drink decaf coffee.

Here's what I learned today:

1) Maternity clothing does nothing for you when you're not really showing.

I'm not even going to do a side picture because it looked like a burrito was stuck in a saggy dress. A burrito and maybe a cookie.

2) I also learned that Buy Buy Baby is evil. I went in there to get a present for Skyler, finally found one after getting distracted by the 200 options of strollers, paid for his cute little baseball set, and tried to leave.

Key word: tried. I couldn't find the door. I got out my phone to pretend I was looking at something while trying to not make it look obvious that I didn't know what I was doing.

Hi my name is Kallie and I've never stepped foot in this building! I also don't know how to apply diaper rash creme correctly, but I found some nail polish to buy? 

I tried going through the entrance door because usually those open both ways. Nope.

Finally, I saw it. Hiding behind the cash register.

I'm positive there is a group of employees watching video footage of people trying to find the exit door, laughing all day long.

3) Lastly, I learned that Palmer's is still my favorite place to eat.

P.S. - I was totally kidding about doing laundry on Fridays. Usually I'm sleeping.

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