the day.

I really should title this post, THE DAY. Because - well, it kind of seems like a pretty big deal right now to be pregnant.


I'll give you a little background on me and pregnancy tests. Our relationship is what you'd say, complicated? I'm super impatient and can never wait until you're supposed to test to actually test, which results in me buying more and Mr. B asking why I'm spending so much money at Walmart.

It was a Wednesday night. Mr. B had left earlier in the day to go ice fishing in northern Minnesota and I was feeling sappy and decided to do what any bored wife would do, take a pregnancy test.

Well - it starts working and I only see 1 line. Awesome.

I immediately put it on the laundry hamper and go back out to the living room to mope the rest of the night.

At 11:15 I start getting ready for bed, and if you know me, I have a nightly routine and I take it very seriously. Floss. Brush teeth. Wash face. Eye cream and moisturizer. Retainer. Lights out.

Except - when I went to throw the test away, there were 2 lines.


A verrrrrrry faint first line and a second line.

And I started laughing. Hard. Like - eyes watering hard.

I was probably laughing because I was thinking of us as 8th graders holding hands for the first time. 8th graders can't have babies! 

And I don't know how it happened, but all the sudden I was in our closet giggling holding a pregnancy test calling Mr. B; who, you know, was in a truck with 3 other guys traveling to the middle of nowhere.

I just wanted to talk to him - but not tell him.

K: Hi honey!!!! (giggle giggle giggle...silent giggle)

S: Hey. 

K: How's the trip going? (giggle)

Mr. B: Fine. What's going on?

K: Oh (giggle)....ya know....nothing!

Mr. B: Yeah..something. Who's there?

K: What? No one. 

Mr. B: Why are you laughing?

K: Because I like to laugh! 

Mr. B: Kallie. What's funny?

K: Ohhhhhh....nothing. Just so happy to be talking to you. (giggle)

Mr. B: I think I know what's so funny.


K: Well,  I bought a computer...and I'm having buyers remorse and I'm scared that you're going to be mad and so I'm laughing nervously. 

Mr. B: Yep - knew it was that. 


K: Alright well, I love you so so so much. And I love you. 

Mr. B: Yep. Love you too. Sleep good. 


And then I couldn't sleep and googled when my due date was.

Can you believe I kept it a secret until I told Mr. B on Sunday?  I gave him a little toy tractor with a note.

"This tractor reminds me so much of you - but really belongs to gift #2"

And then there was a pregnancy test wrapped up - because who doesn't love a pee stick all wrapped up?

Mr. B thought it was a flashlight.

And then he realized it was something that we'd been praying for, hoping for, for a long time.

I've never seen a smile so big.

I'm so ready to do this adventure with you, Mr. B.

P.S. - Telling your family that you're pregnant is probably the coolest thing in the world.

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Megan said...

Ahhhhh I cried all over again!!
This post needs to go viral all over social media. Let me shout it from the rooftops:
Woo! Can't wait.