tour of 2014

2014 was a year of growth and grace for our little family.

Here are some highlights that we loved:

In January, Mr. B let me tour a little purple craftsman home, my little brother and his lady friend came to visit, and we went ice fishing (my first time!).

In February, we remembered how much we love going to concerts together, and I successfully drove Taylor the trailblazer into a ditch.

In March, we watched a great documentary at the True/False film festival, gave Mr. B some company on the way to Illinois for work, had a Scratch cupcake date with my Sister, froze our legs off attending a wedding in Minnesota, saved Mr. B from running out of gas, and learned how to make lemon blueberry bars.

In April, 2 new littles joined Mr. B's side of the family, we had a couple 4 wheeler dates, went on the best girls trip ever, couldn't stop taking pictures of the Flint Hills, stuffed our faces with the best donuts we've ever had, and met family for dinner at the Plaza in KC.

In May, we watched our favorite tree bloom while painting some trim, I ran my first market to market relay, watched my little brother graduate from college, bought a screen door (!!!!!), planted our second garden, spent the holiday weekend with friends, caught our first fish of the season, and watched Mr. B dominate at his alumni football game.

In June, I continued planting flowers, Mr. B worked on the 1566, and we hosted the annual camping trip in our home.

In July, we spent the 4th in Perry, ate pancakes at 11:00 pm with friends, camped at Ledges State park, and paid a ridiculous amount of money for coffee at the farmers market in Des Moines. 

In August, we painted my brothers home, spent a lot of time at the state fair, and had the best breakfast of our lives at Rooster in St. Louis.

In September, we were the closest we've ever been to buying a home, both celebrated turning 26, made our first batch of homemade biscuits, met John Mark McMillan and surprised my Grandma for her birthday in Wisconsin.

In October, we celebrated 3 years of being married, had a lot of deep conversations, and bought pumpkins for our porch.

In November, we purchased our first grown up bed, ate pizza in the living room so we could watch the world series, started making our own taco seasoning, got back in the saddle (literally), had the entire family over for the weekend, and traveled to Oklahoma for Thanksgiving.

In December we continued our 12 dates tradition (made it up to 7 this year!), pointed out this was our 3rd year of making goodies for deer hunting, went Christmas shopping together, tried winning a gingerbread contest, and spent Christmas day hiking.

Let's do this 2015.

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