celebrating with cake

January is over - which also means that it was my sister's birthday!

I celebrated her birthday in Iowa by watching Grey's Anatomy all day and doing laundry (Mr. B was gone, don't go call the wife police on me). I was even going to make some beef stroganoff for dinner because growing up, my Mom would always ask what we wanted for dinner on our birthday, and my sister would always say "Beef stroganoff, please."

Because manners are important.

You know what's funny about that story though? I can always remember what my sister wanted, but I can't remember what I asked for. Which is normal for me.

January was spent waiting for this season of life to just pass by.

If January could just be done.

But guys - the finale of Parenthood taught me a lesson.

(Side note: WHY WHY WHY did they end that show? I think it's perfectly healthy to bawl ones eyes out every Thursday night.)

Anyway, the lesson was this. If not for the way that life is going, if not for the choices you've made, whether terrible or wonderful circumstances that happen to you - if they didn't happen, you would be missing out on a piece of your story.

And whether or not you think that piece or season is significant or worth being present for - it is.

Every season has purpose. Every single season.

There is work to be done, growth to be had. Relationships to be present for.

So - February? I'm comin' for ya. With cake.

P.S. - I ran outside in my robe to get that picture in 5 degree weather - praying that my landlord wouldn't show up in the 3 seconds I was out there. I hope I never stop being captivated by sunrises.

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Megan said...

Ohhhh how much I love this. Thank you for this reminder!