Porch Dreamin'

A couple nights ago I got asked on a porch date.

Oh - you don't know what a porch date is? Let me fill you in!

A porch date is when you and your extremely hot husband go outside and sit on the porch. And there are rules for this date:

1- You dream talk the whole time. What your kids will look like in overalls, what projects you want to work on together, how you'd build a house with big windows that face the east so you can wake up to the sun.

That kind of stuff.

2- You are kind the whole time. This is not the time for sarcastic comments and negativity when your extremely hot husband says something you disagree with.

That kind of stuff.

3- One must bring iced tea to the party.
4- One must not try and eat the others foot when giving a foot rub.

Looks like we need to work on rule #4.

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