Last weekend started out with friends and a live band.

In someone's backyard!

Isn't that how every weekend should start out? I vote yes. 

I'll give you a little back story on the guy with the acoustic guitar with the curly hair and rockin' cowboy boots.

His name is Damon Dotson. And I wish he could sing to me every night before I fall asleep.

That might be weird for Shane.

My friends are cute to the max! And you know that really cliche phrase, "and they are even prettier on the inside!"

It's true. We've been through some really tough times lately with surprise babies, babies that left this world way too soon, new marriages, and relationship struggles. That's why you need people. To lean on through it all. They help you come out of those times stronger and better. Kinder and able walk in grace.

Whew! And now I'm crying.

But seriously - we all had patio furniture envy that night. It's okay to lust after furniture, right?

And I don't think I've introduced Becky to the wide web - but she's my sisterfriend.

Completely selfless.
Gives great hugs and wisdom.
Tells me when I have a bad attitude.
Has almost peed her pants 2 times in front of me.
Keeps creamer in her fridge for when I come over.

I tell everyone that they need a Becky in their life.
Actually, everyone just needs community.
And backyard concerts with sangria that tastes likes heaven.

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