Give It A Name

Here's the thing: I've been up since 7:30. Been on the phone since around 9, and drank 3 cups of coffee throughout those conversations.

I don't even know what day it is.

Here's what I do know: I like naming things. And why only give names to cars?

And I hesitate to even share this next part, but I know we're all good friends here, right?
Like, I'm writing this in my robe and have the craziest hair. But this is a safe place so here it is:

I think I'm going to start naming my coffee cups.

Example: if I were to add these hot little things to my collection, they would have to have a good name.

It has to be fun.
It has to be tangy - spicy - adventurous.
This name would wear an orange dress with big gold hoop earrings and curly hair that was messy, but not messy. She's out on the dance floor. Shakin' her thang. But not too much. She's got good morals.

Rita! I'd name her Rita.

Here's the best part: when I drink my coffee in the morning - I can say, "Oh, ya know, just me and Rita hanging out this morning!" Then I'd flip my hair and smile.

Which makes it seem like I live in town with neighbors!

Which makes Mr. B shake his head and say, "You're cute."

Which makes me say, "Rita told me that this morning too!"

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