Oh hey. It's Tuesday.

Oh, you need a little pick me up picture today too?

This was my favorite picture taken in June. I like the lawn chair to the left because it means there were lots of people at my house. I like Mr. B's old plaid shirt that has stains on it. I like that little baby smirk surrounded by chubby cheeks. I like how Mr. B loves on babies when he thinks no one is watching.

I just like everything.

Where did June go?! I was supposed to make my bed at least 3 times a week during the month of June. And then I blink and June is off like a prom dress.

Hi Dad!

Our dryer isn't working - which is only okay for 2 more days. Because in 2 days I'll have to go to the laundromat, and remember how that was for me last time?

Speaking of household chores - Mr. B is cleaning the kitchen right now. Not having to clean the kitchen is one of my love languages. When he brought me a drink and told me to take it easy tonight? Let's just say that it's Tuesday - I'm in love. He's also still wearing his baseball pants. Double whammy.

Wait - he just got the shop vac out to vacuum the toaster. Danny Tanner everyone!

The point of this post is that there isn't one. I just wanted to say hey - it's Tuesday. Which deserves a foot rub and a clean kitchen.

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