mornin' stories.

(our view)
I love mornings.

I love the thought of getting up earlier than Mr. B and getting a little workout in, starting up the Keurig, spending time with God, and throwin' in a load of laundry.

Did you just laugh? Fine, I did too.

But doesn't it sound so perfect?

Every morning the husband and I set the alarm for 6:00. The goal is get up and get going, but for some reason that never happens. We hit snooze and hunker back in to bed for just a few more minutes.

Yesterday morning the alarm went off, I felt Mr. B get out of bed, fiddle around with the darn thing for a second, and then he was back to snuggle.

I love snuggling.

Then, at 7:45 I was woken up by a frantic husband saying It's 7:45?! WHY.

I wasn't about to explain that it's because of the Aztecs that we have developed a pattern of time.

Maybe it was the Indians.

The pilgrims?

Anyway, we're fed up to our noses by the lack of motivation in the morning. So, last night we went to bed in agreement that no matter what- we were getting up and working out.

Then I dreamed about riding a unicycle to work. It took me 5 hours and I had to stop at my neighbors house on the way to use the bathroom and they had orange shag carpet on the walls and a cat in the sink.

I should just blog about my dreams.

At 6:00, the alarm went off.  And a deep, profound voice said," Lets go."

I debated if it was God, but then remembered that Mr. B has a cold and continued to pretend I was sleeping.

Then he started poking me in the side. "Kallie, we said we were getting up. Let's go."

"Whyyy? I don't have to be at work until 9:00, you go first, I'll come down in 30 min!"

Then he said, "Well, will you do me a favor and brush your teeth before you do?"

Marriage and mornings. You just never know.

I think I'll make a print of that and put it above our bed.

Arm and Hammer toothpaste forever,


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Becca G said...

Slightly jealous you get to sleep in that late...together :)