just a few things.

Was this the longest week of everyones life? Because it was for me. Woof.

I've kind of not publicly broadcasted the recent news in Mr. B and I's life, but! I got a new job. I wanted to tell the world and put it all over every social media outlet there is, but I wanted to be sensetive to others that interviewed and didn't get it.

But really, I'm stinkin' so excited about it. Remember that church that I rave about every week and still get pumped to attend every Sunday? I'm workin' there!

So..that's that.

I started A Millon Miles in a Thousand Years by Donald Miller this morning and read 4 chapters already. Do yourself a favor and go get it!

Also, Mr. B and I are having a little quality time get away this weekend in Des Moines. I hoping for some foot rubs, hot tub time, and Target/Starbucks run in my near future.

Have a greet weekend!

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