christmas tree

It's no secret that I love just about everything that has to do with Christmas. Last year the plan was to go to a tree farm, cut down a tree, and live happily ever after. Then we drove by Lowes and did the whole shrug thing hey, how about a tree from here? and called it good.
This year we actually cut one down ourselves and besides the whole we're getting a Christmas tree! thing, the quality time spent with my man was probably my favorite part. We walked around for a solid 45 min trying the find the perfect one. It was cold and my fingers were getting numb, we were the annoying couple running around trees scaring each other and holding hands when we walked. It was the best. We finally found our tree...!
I'm holding the measuring stick here. It's for moments where you're like this one is the ONE! then you put your measuring stick up to it and its 11 feet tall. Christmas trees are sneaky.

Seeing that we were wanting to get a picture of both of us, and failing horribly, an employee asked us if he could take our picture and then told us that we got a great tree. Did I mention he was like 80? Such sweetness.

 After we carried it back to the cutest little Christmas shop where little old ladies wore elf costumes and served hot apple cider (for free! and no, I'm not making this up) we placed our tree on that shaky thing to get all the leaves out of it. Those things are amazing!

I asked it I could stand on it. Then Shane turned around and gave me the you're so weird it's cute face.

And we packed it in the little red truck and went home happy. Do you like how I didn't have to blur our our license plate? Gravel roads people. Gravel roads. Real life.

Last years tree picking HERE if you're interested!

Merrrrrry Christmas!

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