we're funny.

Sometimes funny things get said around here.

Mainly from me, when I can't remember what the official term is for certain things, but sometimes from Shane too.

This past weekend I couldn't remember what a travel mug was called so I wrote down on the go coffee mug.

Then, while watching Ellen and telling Shane why it was a great show because of the viewers, I couldn't remember what to say so I said it's because of the people watchers.

We laughed about it the rest of the weekend and he brought it up again last night while we were cozied up by the Christmas tree.

Does anyone else hang out on the floor by the Christmas tree when it's lit at night? I've found us hanging out there on a daily basis.

Which is always the best. Husband is my favorite.


Megan said...

Not on the floor... :) but I do love the tree at night! So perfect!

Elly said...

Such a gorgeous picture!!